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What is RDA and RTA (part 2)

With RDA or/and RTA will be there some improvement in vaping?

I would say both of these can suit only fanatic individuals who have a lot of time in their hands to build all that coils. It still could be a decent choice for the general public, but for better vaping, there is no need for any of them. No, they do not mean better vaping.

There are already better vape tanks by themselves which can produce sub ohm big vape clouds without any problems. A simple action with a replacement coil then fills that tank and simply be ready to vape. You do not need to build that coils for better vaping.

There are already modern vape tanks with replaceable coils. Their new design offers a great selection of that levels of resistance. No need to bother for your own. In our shop, we have even our own premade coils for better vaping, for optimum one.

So, it’s all things for hobby people. Most people just want the process along with the results. So ready-made solution is hassle-free for them.

Coils, how to build your own?

Still could be a somewhat enjoyable process for someone to build coils for RTA and RDA. But he needs a lot of knowledge about OHM law. If you will provide too much power for coil resistance - it could be a problem.

Anyway, we will try to cover how to build the coil. It will not be a full guide just a brief overview.

  1. First of all, you need to obtain all the materials, needed for building coil-like for example wire, wire cutters, scissors, tweezers and ceramic one, coil Jig, and for a sure screwdriver.
  2. The coil wire needs to be around the coil jig. You need to calculate the diameter of the coil, number of wraps, and gauge of the wire.
  3. Cut this coil wire and put it into the deck of the atomizer. Screws need to be tightened and excess wire trimmed.
  4. Center the coil with the tweezers. Do it between the posts of the atomizer of yours.
  5. Connect to the reader of resistance in order to check resistance levels.
  6. Choose some needed power levels and test the coil with fire. It should heat evenly and there should be an orange glow. Then use heat-resistant tweezers made of ceramic so that coils heat evenly.
  7. Allow the coil to cool by removing the mod. You should run a cylindrical shape through the coil. Scissors should be used to trim the wick. Allow 1 cm or more.

Getting that wicked right and getting whole coils to heat evenly could be a tricky task. A lot of steps need to be done as you may see. But as you already know all of this is not necessary. Just use some modern device.

Alternatives of RDA and RTA

So, in that article, we discussed what is what - what is RTA and what is RDA. As you may see is there is a lot of complexity to implement vaping with these things. It could be favorable for some, but most people just want hassle-free modern vaping. And results without any hard obligations. Our motto in Gypsy Vapes – let’s latest tech do the work.

We do have several of the best of the best vape tanks in this world at the current moment. We are always looking for devices that provide better vape. We closely work with the best manufacturers in the world. Our end goal is to provide the best vaping in the world was future and current devices. Our vape tanks and vape coils are engineered to the very best level. And we know it still half of the battle.

That coils themselves for sure perfect and have needed resistance levels for the end-user, so it’s all tested and ready to use. For everything listed in that article, we used only the best materials. We put so much effort so your vaping process should be amazing. Yes - all that vapor production and flavor itself. No more need for trial and error for homemade build coils. Let the tech do all the work.

SMOK TFV12 Prince V12 Mesh Replacement Coils 3-Pack

The latest trend in vaping with coils means mesh coils. What does it mean? Very simple, it’s such coil which covers most of the area of the wicking material, which results in fantastic flavor and vapor both. We have an opinion of a lot of vapers that such a little solution is much better than any RTA or RDA. And basically, that’s why we promote that product in that article is one of the best things to represent what I mean there for that matter.

It’s rated between 40 and 80 W and recommend vaping this between 60 and 70 W if you’re looking for to best possible experience. It has pure Japanese org organic cotton used for its production along with vertical dual coils design.


Amigo Itsuwa Rage 3in1 Tank replacement coils specifically for the Rage Sub-ohm configuration. These are not for the RDA or RTA configurations. The half of the OHM coil is ideally vaped from 30 to 75 W just like the example above, I specifically selected those products for you to try in our experiments with the coils.  Wire made in the USA if that is something which means a lot to you, as for me it means anyway;) Special Turbo flow technology was implemented there. They should last long.


Well, those above are just two simple examples of alternatives to the RDA and RTA. You already know that you can use some modern device without all that coils making procedure. Feel free to browse our vape tanks section. We have a lot of vape juices as well. I assume after that article you really understand what is RDA vaping and what is RTA vaping, honestly, that was the goal. I’m feeling accomplished. This was done with the community's help.

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