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Sacre Coeur by NJOY Review

Sacre Coeur by NJOY Review

Sacre Coeur by NJOY Review

Sacre Coeur by NJOY is part of NJOY liquid's new artist collection of e-juices. Sacre Coeur by NJOY is a very complex flavor with lots of layers. Sacre Coeur starts with a buttery almond torte and is layered with ambrosia wild field b. Aties and subdued rhubarb at the end of the vape, you will feel the slightest hint of vanilla, finishing off this complex hit on the perfect sweet note. Vaping this NJOY e-juice tastes like a delicious and exciting unique flavor combination. Vaping this NJOY flavor Sacre Coeur is a sweet treat as well as an excellent flavor extravaganza. 

NJOY hit the vape market early on when electronic cigarettes became popular. NJOY is the largest independent e-cigarette and vaping company in the United States. NJOY's mission is to end smoking-related death and disease by offering preferred alternatives to adult smokers and vapers worldwide. In doing so, they hope to make the combustion cigarette obsolete. They began their takeover with electronic cigarettes and then made vapes, mods atomizers, and finally e juices and liquids. Currently, they have twelve different flavors that are very simple but nonetheless delicious. Recently NJOY has created an "artist collection" of e-juices and li, which features five very unique flavors that are a must-try.

An artist creates each NJOY artist collection liquid. For example, anne-Claire creates the Sacre Coeur flavor. Sacre Coeur by NJOY is a fantastic unique flavor from the NJOY artist collection. They twisted it up a bit with the artist collection flavors. It is a nice twist on the regular sweet, creamy dessert flavors that many vapors are used to seeing from most e-juice brands. When smoking an NJOY e-juice, you will be smoking quality flavors that the creators have taken the time to make the best flavor. 

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