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Seven Gifts Better Than Roses for Vaper's Birthday

Seven Gifts Better Than Roses for Vaper's Birthday

7 Gifts Better Than Roses for Vaper's Birthday

Birthdays are always unique. Besides love and blessings, everybody wants a gift that can make the day memorable. Isn't it? So, are you looking for the most incredible gift, better than a bunch of roses? Are you attending a vaper’s birthday party? Stop scratching your head; many products can hit the bull’s eye!

Gift shopping for vapers is not a troublesome scavenger search anymore. Ditch the roses and generic aromatic candles. Instead, choose calm, innovative vaping-related presents that suit their interests and style. 

Brand New and Exclusive Vape Pen

What's more attractive and exciting for a vaper than getting a new, exclusive vape pen? This goes special for that birthday boy or girl continually complaining about their faulty vape pen. They might complain about the batteries or desire to buy the latest vaporizer. What about buying one for your friend? It would be fine for you to find some great vapes around. Best of all, you can get them for $50. 

If you are all set to make the vaper's day, consider getting an APV or Mod. This will allow them to enjoy extended vaping time, and the products also tend to last very long.

Exotic E-Liquids

Flavored e-liquids are in trend now. If your vaper friend is fond of fruits, then the fruit-flavored vape juices will impress her. The flavors include strawberry, kiwi, grapes, banana, black cherry, red cherry, apple,  peach, and blueberry. 

Or is she addicted to coffee? Then the black coffee and hazelnut coffee flavored e-liquids would make a perfect gift. You can also opt for the cinnamon or tobacco hangsen e-liquid and give a sweet surprise to your vaper friend! 

Tobacco e-liquids are usually available in 4 nicotine strengths, 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg, and they are made of 70% PG base and 30% VG base.

Fast Charge Power Bank

Vapers constantly on the go will love getting an exclusive power bank on their special day. Power banks make great gifts for vapers because they help them recharge their devices as and when required, regardless of the time and the location. In this category, you will find products with varied potentials and specifications. 

Also, you can find one under your budget. The charger should be portable but not too small or too big. Make sure it is fast charging. A power bank that takes a long time to charge any device is a big no!

Spares Make Great Birthday Gifts for Vapers

Vaping enthusiasts generally start with simple vape kits and spend extra money experimenting with new PG/VG blends and flavors. What many vapers do not have in general are vape-related accessories and apparel. They do not have spares for their vape kits. Going for extras as gifts might take some snooping to find your friend's exact model. But this can be a handy and practical gift. Why not try gifting some cool swag by going for a hat, mug, or t-shirt with a funny image or slogan related to vaping?

Complete Vape Kit

For your special friend who has garnered this new attention towards vaping, there would be nothing more valuable than a complete vape kit. It will help your friend take the next step towards vaping an e-cig. It contains a vaporizer mod, atomizers - one or more, a cable for charging, batteries, coils, drip tips, and a vape tank.

If you have a big budget, you can opt for the sub-ohm vaping kit that is popular for producing big and thick clouds of vapor compared to the normal one.  The sub-ohm kit uses coils having low resistance and e-liquids with less nicotine.

Gift Card

Are you still short of ideas to give something exclusive to your vaper friend on his birthday? Or do you need help with the ideas mentioned above? No problem at all. Consider going for a gift card. You can either opt for an open-loop or closed-loop gift card. While the former can be reloaded after spending the initial amount, the latter is not. Both of them are usable for online and offline shopping. People grab one of these cards as the last resort when they fail to find anything perfect for their loved ones.

Tickets to Vape Events and Conferences

Now, this is really out of the world! Your friend or loved one can’t even imagine that you could think of such an exclusive gift. This will be the perfect way to help him meet other vaping enthusiasts sharing his passion for vaping products and vaping.

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