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Sir Lancelot Mechanical Mod

Sir Lancelot Mechanical Mod

Sir Lancelot Mechanical Mod

The Sir Lancelot Mechanical Mod separates itself from the competition by its marvelous appearance. Featuring a laser engraved logo as well as the serial number on the copper outer body. This version comes with two different battery tubes, so you can choose between the 18350 and the 18650 batteries. The contact pins are adjustable, so you can keep things smooth, flush, and small while carrying the device. In fact, the unit is compact enough to disappear in your hand when using it, assuming it is connected to the 18350 battery.

The battery vent holes are concealed when locking down the firing button, allowing the top cap ring to maximize the airflow for the best vaping action. Another nifty touch is the bottom fire switch which offers a reverse threaded lock ring that is made from actual brass. Plus, the positive and negative pins are made from copper, which not only enhances the appearance but also offers the best in performance as well.


-        Made from copper

-        Bottom firing button that is lockable

-        Telescopic 510 contact pin and recessed 510 threading connector

-        Compatible with all 510 threaded connector devices

-        Compatible with 18350 and 18650 batteries

-        Laser etched exterior pattern

-        Full mechanical mod w/no circuit board

-        Spring-loaded switch

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