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SOC Dab Rig

SOC Dab Rig

The SOC Peak dab rig is a portable wax vaporizer designed by Puffco. What makes it so unique and also stands out from other devices of its type is, of course, its powerful battery as well as the variety of features that it possesses. Moreover, the SOC dab rig is a device that has a bunch of essential benefits. The SOC electric dab rig also provides everything needed when purchased, enabling each user to start effortlessly. Additionally, it can be the most pleasing alternative for anyone, regardless of experience with such devices.


The SOC dab rig possesses a tempting enough arrangement, and that is a fact. Moreover, some benefits of it are caused by the way it is designed, for example, its lightweight and portability. The SOC dab rig has a mass of 257 grams and the following dimensions: 160mm in height, 90mm in width, and 67mm in depth. Furthermore, the body of this electric dab rig is crafted out of glass, metal, and pure ceramic material and features the following color options: purple, silver, blue, red, gold, and pink. The glass bubbler of the device locates at the upper part of the SOC electric dab rig, while right in front of it is an atomizer cover. The device features a single power button on the front side, under the atomizer. Additionally, a LED indicator exists next to the power button.


One of the essential features of a device is its integrated Li-Ion battery. The battery of the SOC dab rig is considered powerful enough, as it holds a power of 2600mAh. Furthermore, the charging process can be done quickly, even by someone with zero experience, as it is required to attach the provided USB cord to the device's port. Therefore, waiting until the battery is fully recharged is unnecessary. The SOC dab rig battery recharges in a maximum of two hours. Furthermore, the battery of the SOC electric dab rig can last up to all day, but this depends on the quantity and time of the vape sessions. To find out the battery charge level, push the button any time to figure it out:

Blue- 100% to 75%

Green- 75% to 50%

Orange- 50% to 25%

Red- 25% to 0%


Fillers for this device can be of different viscosity. For this reason, the SOC dab rig employs four temperature settings:

Low: 450° F

Medium: 500° F

High: 550° F

Top: 600° F

Furthermore, the device heats up for 30 seconds to the maximum temperature. 

Kit Includes

Besides most wax vaporizers, the SOC dab rig kit includes everything you need to start the vape session:

The base of the device with 2600mAh Battery

Borosilicate Glass Piece

Removable Atomizer

Silicon Carbide Bowl

Glass Bowl

Hand Blown Carb Cap with Tether

Loading Tool

Silicone Storage Jar

Alcohol-filled Cotton Swabs

USB cord


Some advice is needed even for a device that seems very easy to utilize. First, do not charge the SOC dab rig on a wet surface. Moreover, do not let the battery discharge entirely before charging it, as this can ruin its performance. It is also recommended never to clean it with water and soap. Furthermore, the device is supposed to be cleaned with the provided cleaning tools, but you can use the ViviSmoke Ultrasonic cleaner for the small removable parts.

Additionally, we advise keeping such devices out of the reach of children and pets. Don't leave the SOC electric dab rig under direct sunlight or dry the device in a microwave oven.


In conclusion, the SOC dab rig wax vaporizer can be the best option, even for novices, as effortless, simple, and straightforward. Moreover, even if the maintenance required for this device is minor, it must be maintained correctly. Furthermore, it is very advised to read an instruction guide before operating it, especially if it's for the first time.

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