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Squonking - Full Guide (part 1)

Squonking - Full Guide (part 1)

Squonking - Full Guide

If you are entirely new to vaping, you may have heard about that strange world among other vaping friends or at your local vape shop. Yes, you are correct – squonking. Sounds very funny! So, what it means? To explain in simple words, it’s some vaping with bottom-feeding RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer, in case you are a total newb) and a squonk mod. Have you understood anything? I bet not, but we’ll cover the topic, show all the needed pictures, and clarify every definition. As well as, there will be some squonking guide for starters in case some of our readers may be interested in trying that for themselves. We’ll start with a little history conversation.

That name, all that, started like 10 years ago with some crafted at-home squonk kits. Dripping (if you know what that means) was also quite a phenomenon. When a vaper manually drips vape juice into some coil – it calls dripping. The intention was to increase the flavor as well as vapor production. But you really should be dripping e-liquid on your atomizer. When you do squonking – you enjoy the current flavor and the vapor of your dripping without needing dripping e-juice. Something like that!

Squonking - niche style of vaping remained few years cause of the limit to the vapers who knew how to make their own squonk devices. However, in 2015 all this was changed with the first squonk mod being done by some manufacturers. That is how it becomes a new trend. Then it was lost in the news that new vape tanks and mods will be on the market soon. But a year ago, in 2018, it came back again, and a lot of squonk devices hit the market, literally dozens of them.

What is Squonking?

Yes, really, what is it? Let’s put it into a detailed explanation. It’s the same vaping but using special devices like bottom-feeding rebuildable drip atomizers and squonk mods. Your vape device probably already has a wick and coil of the atomizer. That wire of the coil atomizer heats the juice into the vapor. Wick is in direct contact with the atomizer. So that wick always should be covered with e-juice. If it goes dry, then heat will burn everything. And vapers will get a corresponding taste and other nasty things.

That whole squonking process makes it all easy, as described above. Some enthusiasts who want to make custom coils and try all that should learn the lingo! Let’s start!

Squonk mods


It’s a vaping mod with something like a battery and a vape juice bottle within the mod body. That squeeze bottle is also called - a squonk bottle. When you squeeze it, e-juice pumps into the atomizer, saturating the whole coil. And when you start the process, the air gets a vacuum effect of drawback into the bottle, draining any limit of e-liquid back into the bottle without any waste. Good squonk mod will keep saturated your wick without any spitting in the process.

Most, if not all squonk mods use flexible bottles for e-juice; some use the stainless things with some pumps. To choose between those two, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Pump-style mods are more on the high end of the things;) While there is all fine with old plain squeeze things.

Most of the squonk mods operate on a single 18650 battery because the body of the whole mod should contain a battery and a squonk bottle. Battery life here is concise, especially with specific coil builds.

NOTE – You should use only regulated devices for your squonking hobby here. Most of the devices are simple mech mods. We at Gypsy Vapes do not sell squonk mods directly. All that can be very dangerous for your health if it is not used correctly as it should with deep tech knowledge of the whole thing.

RDA – What is it?

Many may already know that it’s a rebuildable drip atomizer. It’s done from the atomizer deck, drip tip, 510 connection, and housing. A place where you install homemade coils is here, like an atomizer deck. The deck should be large enough to make it happen. Overall it takes a lot of practice to build your coils.

Squonkers like to use low-resistance coils to generate the maximum amount of vapor. RDA helps to craft any coil you may even imagine. It’s, of course, not that easy and needs some education. You also need to know about the link between resistance and current. It’s easy to overpower the coil and get a lousy vape. You need to get real with your actions here.


What is RDA means drip, that middle word? Dripping is the vaping process where the vaper manually drips the e-juice on the atomizer before starting vaping. It gives delicious flavor, but you must drip every four vapes on average. So, the user is constantly involved here in dropping e-juice. Or you need to take away the drip to access the atomizer. Then repeat all the above again and again.

That’s why people invented squonking; it’s automated dripping and helps to avoid the mess.

E-juice can be squeezed into the atomizer from the initial bottle and over 510. Its pin is hollow and makes e-liquid go by. That pin of such nature makes the usual RDA into feeding the bottom RDA.

Bottom Feeding RDA

All those 510 pins or connections are simply named for the 510 thread part, which connects the initial atomizer to the mod. The number 510 refers to the size of the thread and the connection. It’s also named so you know it will be compatible with other “510” products. But it’s already liked a standard anyway.

So that bottom-feeding RDA is like RDA with a hollow pin in the center of it. It allows e-juice to flood up via the pin into the base tank to saturate the wick further. That’s why it has such a name. Don't forget to read Squonking - Full Guide (part 2).

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