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Squonking - Full Guide (part 2)

Squonking guide

Before we continue all potential squonkers need to know about this already it’s a type of vaping where you install and build your own coils. If you want deeper vaping but don’t want to deal with that there are already some other methods.

Gypsy Vapes has several kits sub Ohm mod ones which give you a lot of vapor and flavor. You don’t need that article to enjoy vaping as it is. But if you want to try, then there is some learning ahead about how to make your own coils and squonking guide;)

To get with all this you really need to get the correct equipment here. You may need the following:

Squonk bottle

Coil wire

Squonk mod

VG vaping juice

Coil building kit


That bottom-feeding RDA with 510 center pins

Number 5) here is needed. IT will have ceramic tweezers, coil jigs, and cutters. Tweezers here are also a must cause when you build a coil you will need to heat, adjust and test spacing between those coils. Ceramic ones are resistant to heat, it’s just obvious.

Squonking, you need the flood deck of the atomizer here. Burning wick will be avoided that way quickly. It also involves sub-ohm mods and atomizers as we already stated a bit earlier and some e-juice.

Squonk mods and Vape mods

A vape mod is the power source for something like an atomizer. But Squonk mod is something like a classic box mod. Calling it a box matters here cause it’s indeed a box. A box which contains a squonk bottle and a battery. Most such bottles have a capacity of 6ml to 10ml, so something like 8ml on average – it’s the most common one really.

Most squonk mods are simply mech mods. Mechanical means there is no electrical parts at all controlling current. As such, there is also no internal processor for that current. But regulated squonk mods are also available. Any potential vaper who wants to be squonker is recommended to use a regulated squonk mod.

Vape mods have a processor and a battery. It could be built-in or changeable, I mean batteries here. Unlikely, most vape pod mods are regulated. By that, we mean that there is a chip or processor that controls the current drawn from the battery. That way vape mods provide more modern tech advantages and safety which squonk mods do not simply.

18650 single battery commonly used in most squonk mods. Why not two? Because Squonk's body should be big enough to include a bottle with a battery in it. A regulated mod with an 18650 battery will consume something like 75 watts. Very low-in-resistance coil builds will take much more power from the battery. Though manufacturers learned how to have only one battery making that squonk mods like mech mods – it’s still very dangerous. Whether you will use mech mods or not it’s safe to operate being an expert in resistance, batteries, and current. It’s probably the main con of squonking.

Pros and Cons of Squonking

Squonk mods are mech mods, mostly.

Operating such mods could be dangerous for health unless the user is an expert.

We need to build our own coils.

It’s really for fanatics.

Gypsy Vapes insists anyone who is interested in squonking buy a regulated squonk mod. There are devices, and we have them sometimes which can produce a lot of vapor from done-before coils and regulated mods. Vaping advanced a lot. And you can let us help you. Doing it yourself is really for enthusiasts.


For drippers, it’s the automation of the process.

It’s fun for hardcore fanatics.

Really good flavor and vapor.

So basically, the biggest pro that it’s automated dripping and that’s it. It removes the need of having to remove the drip tip or maybe housing in order to move vape liquid to the coil. And you need to catch the fun of that.

Best e-juices for Squonking

You really need good e-juice for your sub-ohm atomizer. Gypsy Vapes really have them. We are constantly getting good ratings for our e-juices from many many reviewers anyway. I think it’s just because we are good, please check our e-juices here. They are of the highest quality with the needed ingredients.

Another advantage is that we have a variety of all possible flavors and brands. You could also make your own, it’s easy and a number of options are indefinite.

Gypsy Vapes is the best e-liquid for squonkers cause of consistency, production of vapor, a lot of good flavors, and quality. Many other e-juices have not that full flavor cause of their low quality and are not using good ingredients as they should be. We use only top-notch and perfectly fitted into everything.

Some alternatives to Squonking

While all this above is very enjoyable for hardcore fanatics, in order to get super flavor and vapor you do not need to squonk is a must. Electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette mods are the current tech. You now have the option for tech to do all the hard-manual work for you;)

Aspire CF MOD provides big power for low-resistance atomizers. This MOD was developed for a low-resistance atomizer. We recommend pairing the Atlantis sub-ohm tank atomizers for a good match with it. The Aspire battery series gives you an impressive design that includes stainless steel endpoints plus a metal button, as well as a carbon fiber-coated tube. The Aspire CF MOD has a spring connector as its own feature. That unique technology makes the battery and e-cigarette tank have a strong connection.  It is compatible with 18650 batteries - you can add to your order through us on the link below. It’s a very reliable and stable product in design and functionality.

Vamo V6 20W mod is something that has a ton of great features and power. Vamo V6 20W Mod is made from steel and has been upgraded lately with an improved chip that gives like 20-watt output, the wattage can be adjusted though from six to twenty watts in half-watt increments. Vamo V6 has a flush 510 connection with a contact pin as we described in the article and it comes with an eGo connector for you to have the ability to use this mod anywhere. The Vamo V6 still provides the extended tube for the usage of one 18650, two 18350, or simply one 18350 battery.  The OLED display screen can show stats like watts, volts, count of puff, atomizer resistance, vaping time, and output current.

That’s how we see squonking really. It’s not for everyone – that’s for sure. We provided you a real view in that solid guide here. Check out the Gypsy Vapes blog more often and you will learn about other vaping styles soon. If you haven't read the  Squonking - Full Guide (part 1), you must do it.

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