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Stop Smoking with Help of Ecig

Stop Smoking with Help of Ecig

Stop Smoking with Help of Ecig

It was tough for me to stop smoking cigarettes; I have tried to quit smoking at least 20 times in the last ten years, but when I learned about Electronic Cigarette, I knew it was about time for me to move to something a bit healthier, ecig might take me one small step closer to a smoke-free life.

I have seen people walking around with fake-looking E-cigarettes, which smell like room freshener. Much research still needs to be done on whether an electronic cigarette is healthier than a regular Marlboro cigarette or any other brand you like. Still, it is more convenient and accepted, which is already a massive plus for a Californian, where smoking is prohibited everywhere. 

My First Mod

My first Ecigarette was a SMOK I-Priv Mod. It is a nice looking and convenient ecig. When done, you can take a puff or two and put it safely in your pocket. When meeting prospective clients, no more worries than the suite or cigarette tobacco smell. Even my car smells pleasant compared to old cigarette smoke that nonsmokers hate.


My opinion might not offer much value to you personally, like a famous quote by Clint Eastwood  “Opinion like an as…..le everyone has one, and think that there does not stink.” I just base my article on features of electronic cigarettes that everyone cigarette smoker can benefit from:

Electronic cigarette:

  • Does not smell
  • Won’t damage your cloth
  • Won’t lower the value of your car
  • Allowed to smoke in restaurants
  • Convenience (no light required) 
  • You can lower the dosage of nicotine

Long story short, if you are in the same position where I was smoking a pack a day, coughing my lungs out every morning, you owe it to yourself at least to see if it will help you.

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Stopping smoking can be very difficult. Every year only a fraction of those who have set out to stop smoking have succeeded. There are several reasons why most people have difficulty quitting smoking. Still, a product on the market offers a healthier alternative that can gradually reduce the nicotine and addictive qualities to the point where a person can finally kick the habit.


The Fight against Misleading Claims about Electronic Cigarettes

The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) has seriously vowed to fight against misleading claims about e-cigarette and vaping products. SFATA managed to raise about $110,000 at a recent fundraising event last February in just a few hours, with the purpose being to use the money to counter misleading advertisements that have been made about e-cigs and vaping products in terms of their health effects


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If you have decided to quit smoking tobacco products and want to switch to electronic cigarettes, you will need to know a few things first before making a purchase. After all, your choice has expanded regarding the available brands, flavors, and types of vaporizing products. So, the more you know about the ecig, the better off you will be when making your first purchase.

Study Shows Vape Shops Helping Smokers to Quit

One of the selling points about e-cigarettes is that they help smokers kick the tobacco habit. A team of researchers from Europe is confirming that these advertising claims are true thanks to a recent study performed last year. Their study concluded that brick-and-mortar vaping shops were often the first place tobacco smokers visited to purchase vaping products to kick the habit.

Why Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

Kicking the tobacco habit is not easy as most people who try will fail in their first, second, third, and many more attempts. There are many reasons why kicking the habit of smoking is difficult, but one of the main ones is that there is a misperception about why people are addicted to smoking. Most people believe that it is a physical addiction because of nicotine which is true. However, there is the added component of a mental addiction that develops over the years as you smoke. Basically, the mind needs the act of smoking as much as the body needs the nicotine


What are the e liquid – e juices?

To talk about what the e liquid or what some people call "e juice" is, first, we need to know what vaping is and what e-cigarettes are. In a few words, we can say that vaping is the ultimate product to start replacing traditional smoking, and basically, it’s the act of inhaling vapor from a vaporizer, with the most common being the famous e cigarettes, the main advantage is that they don’t produce smoke just a vapor.


Vaping changed my life

How vaping changed my life

Vaping changed my life in many ways. It helped me quit smoking, improved my health, and saved me money. Vaping is a revolutionary way to get rid of tobacco and offers people the relaxing aspects that tobacco smoking gives them. The electronic cigarette is the ultimate way for you quit. You will not be inhaling poisonous smoke when you decide to use vaporizers. Instead, you will inhale vapors that you can also get in different flavors.

Vaping is safer in more than one way

There is no question that cigarette smoking has been exposed as one of the world's most damaging and deadly habits. Tobacco kills half a million people each year, which is a very large number of people. This is without taking into account all the people who end up being affected by secondhand smoking. The truth is that cigarettes are not only terrible because of those things. They are also a severe danger that has caused many fires all over the world


Vaporizer ejuice flavors

There are many products out there that offer all kinds of solutions to people for many problems. Still, vape pens have become an incredible blessing that has finally given millions of people the opportunity to quit smoking tobacco for good. Electronic Cigarettes are also great for people who enjoy flavored e juices. This has given people the chance to enjoy the experience of vaping with all kinds of different flavors


Vape pen

First, electronic cigarettes appeared, then vaporizers. Electronic cigarettes were created to replace regular cigarettes. This allowed people to smoke without the harmful effects and terrible chemicals that come from tobacco. The vaporizer pen or vape pens are the latest versions of these electronic cigarettes.


Portable vapes and its advantages

Lots of people around the world are committed to living a healthier lifestyle not only by making more exercise and eating healthier food but also by quitting smoking. It is not easy now, especially if you have been smoking for years, but it is possible. Fortunately, these days, technology is constantly creating new options for those who finally want to quit. They are providing us with new products that will help you replace regular cigarettes with "electronic cigarettes"  – "vape."

The perfect gift for someone in need

Have you ever been addicted to something that is very harmful to your body? Or perhaps you have seen what a terrible addiction has done to someone you love? There is no one in this world who has not been directly or indirectly affected by the addictions of others in one way or another. We all know that secondhand smoke kills, and people who smoke tobacco are always trying to find ways to quit


Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Kit 1300 MAH Variable Voltage

The Tesla Spider II A3 electronic cigarette Starter Kit is designed for those who are just getting into vaping. The kit itself contains all the basic elements for anyone who is looking to quit tobacco products, a way to get the nicotine they need with a far safer delivery system


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Many e-cigarette starter kits are often designed for those who know about such devices and do not take into account those who are just starting out. The Joytech Ego One Mega XL is a vape that is an exception to that rule as it is designed for everyone. Joytech has gone out of its way to create a complete e-cigarette experience that is approachable by anyone, whether they have seen an e-cig before or not


Vaping Vs Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are devices that possess a heating element, and that heating element assembles aerosol for inhalation. These devices are purposely made as a healthier variant of smoking tobacco, but they still have some common health effects. On the other hand, cigarettes are jam-packed with many chemical additives and tobacco. Because of that, cigarettes are answerable for the majority of all tobacco-related illnesses and deaths in the world. But let's see more closely which option is better and some interesting details about them. 

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