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Study Show Far Fewer Toxins in Electronic Cigarettes as Opposed to Tobacco

Study Show Far Fewer Toxins in Electronic Cigarettes as Opposed to Tobacco

Study Show Far Fewer Toxins in Electronic Cigarettes as Opposed to Tobacco

Recently published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, a research study performed by Dr. Murray Laugensen demonstrated that electronic cigarettes contain barely a fraction of the toxins found in their tobacco counterparts. The study involved 14 different brands of e-cigarettes that contain nicotine and trace amounts of known toxins. The result of the findings helped confirm one that was published in 2008 when electronic cigarettes were first being marketed.

The lab testing demonstrated that e-cigs which were purchased in 2013 demonstrated a toxicity level of about 200 times less than their tobacco counterparts. Specifically, the toxin aldehydes which includes acetaldehyde, acrolein, and formaldehyde was present in Marlboro cigarettes over 200 times the amount as compared to an e-cig. Furthermore, e-cigarettes themselves have greatly reduced the toxicity factor of aldehydes by up to 73% from 2008 as well, making them even safer than before.

While the study did show a trace amount of toxins in e-cigs, they were of extremely low levels, especially when compared to tobacco products. Furthermore, those who have opposed electronic cigarettes as a safe alternative to tobacco have pointed out the presence of monoethylene and diethylene in the vapor produced by e-cigs. During this particular study, neither of the toxins was found to be present in any measurable amount. This arguably comes as a big blow to opponents of the e-cigarette movement, many of which come from the tobacco industry that is seeing its profits start to dwindle further with their former clients switching to e-cigs.

While this does not mean that e-cigs are complete toxin-free in all cases, using all-natural e-Liquid or herbs that are free of any toxins or carcinogens. It is fair to say that e-cigs have caused very few unwanted side effects at least in their short time on the market and they contain far fewer toxins and carcinogens than tobacco products.



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