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Study Shows Vape Shops Helping Smokers to Quit

Study Shows Vape Shops Helping Smokers to Quit

Study Shows Vape Shops Helping Smokers to Quit

One of the selling points about e-cigarettes is that they help smokers kick the tobacco habit. A team of researchers from Europe are confirming that these advertising claims are true thanks to a recent study performed last year. Their study concluded that brick and mortar vaping shops were often the first place that tobacco smokers visited in order to purchase vaping products so that they could kick the habit.

While vaping mimics the action of smoking cigarettes, there is no tobacco in the products being sold. So, vaping with e-cigs offers smokers a way to get the nicotine they desire while still being able to have the feel and sensation of smoking. The vape shops have certainly played a role in helping many people find a potent way to quit smoking.

Using two control groups, the investigation centered on the effectiveness of vape shops when it came to curbing tobacco smoking. The study found that that cigalikes were barely more effective than nicotine gum when it came to curbing smoking tendencies at roughly 7%. However, electronic cigarettes such as the eGo-style registered an impressive 36% rate of kicking the smoking habit.

The study consisted of having researchers ask patrons of vape shops a short series of questions about their purchases and then followed it up with dividing those who used nicotine gum and similar products with electronic cigarettes. The results we quite dramatic and have only added to the consensus that vaping products such as e-cigs have a potent effect when it comes to helping people give up smoking tobacco products.

While the study itself is not a conclusive one, it does add to the preponderance of evidence that electronic cigarettes do have a more potent effect in helping people kick the habit of smoking tobacco products when it comes to cigars and cigarettes. 

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