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Suorin Air Mod

Suorin Air Mod

The Suorin Air Mod is not the vape mod devicу you are used to seeing. Some of our customers gave us the thought that Suorin Air Mod was designed for Cyberpunk game lovers! Even so, the Suorin finally created something unusual and extraordinary. While in general, the entire series of Air devices looks different and extremely exciting, and the Air Mod is the freshest one from this series.


Suorin Air Mod Design

As mentioned above, the nature of the Suorin Air Mod is one of the many things that make it unique. Thanks to the device's dimensions [100mm in height, 43mm in width, and 14mm in depth], it is effortless to use anywhere. Furthermore, its mass, which is just 89 grams, helps the device to be lightweight and comfortable to carry. Moreover, the Suorin Air Mod is available in various exciting colors; every buyer can easily fit the color with his style. More than that, the case of this vape pod is crafted out of zinc alloy chassis and semi-transparent PCTG material so that the user can observe all the device's internal parts. Another detail worth mentioning about the disposition of this pod mod is the O.96`screen, which exists in the front face of it.

Air Mod Functionality

There is no worry about the use of this device. Unlike vape batteries, the Air Mod uses three buttons. The front side of the case holds the O.96`TFT screen. The screen displays the following features:

  • Battery charge
  • Wattage
  • Resistance
  • Puff counter
  • Vaping time

Button combinations:

  • The fire button, consecutively pressed five times, turns on/off
  • + button raise up the wattage
  • – button decreases the wattage
  • A combination of the fire button and + button reset the Puff counter
  • A combination of the + and – buttons Lock/Unlock


The Suorin Air Mod employs removable pods crafted from PCTG material with a 2.0mL capacity [TPD] and 3.0mL capacity [standard]. The pods feature the following dimensions 45mm high by 2Omm wide and 14mm at their deepest point. It is one of the few vape mod pods with removable pods the same color as a device. The filling hole is located on the side for easy access, and the pod should be removed from the case for the refilling. This e-juice fill port features a decent opening of 5mm. The mouthpiece features an 8mm opening. The pods hold in the case by two magnets.


Moreover, the Suorin Air Mod pods feature removable coils. On the bottom of the pods is a hole for coil connection. The Suorin Air Mod mesh coils were developed for this system in two options, O.6Ω, and O.8Ω. The coils feature an organic cotton structure, enabling pure steam and employing a push-fit connection. Moreover, the Air Mod pods feature removable coils. On the bottom of the pods is a whole for installing coils. The coils feature an organic cotton structure, enabling pure steam and employing a plug-and-play connection.

On-Board Chip

The chipset provides the following safety features:

  • 8 seconds Cut-0ff
  • Low battery voltage
  • Coil and pod detection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection


Unlike most vape pod mods, this device matches an adjustable airflow switch. The side with the navigation buttons holds the switch right above the firing button. The adjustable airflow feature makes this device suitable for MTL and RDL puffs. 

Suorin Air Mod Battery

The Suorin Air Mod runs an integrated, rechargeable battery with a power of 15OOmAh. This considerable battery power guarantees a full day of a lengthy vaping session. Moreover, the charging process is very beneficial, not requiring an instruction guide or extra knowledge. Instead, attach the provided USB-C cord to the port. Furthermore, the user does not have to wait all day for the Air Mod vape pod to charge, as it requires approximately two hours to do it thoroughly. The fully charged battery enables around 3OO-4OO puffs. Also, the Suorin Air Mod can be used during the charging process, thanks to the pass-through mode.


Even for such an easy-to-utilize device, some recommendations are essential. First, do not overcharge the battery, which can ruin its quality. Furthermore, avoid recharging the device on a wet surface. Additionally, it is very recommended to keep the device away from the reach of children and pets.


The Suorin Air Mod can be the most suitable option for anyone despite their experience with vaping devices. Assembly quality of the equipment and materials at the highest level. The built-in battery is an order of magnitude more potent than devices of this type. Furthermore, the device features a 0.96`TFT screen for convenient use, which displays all working processes.

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