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Suorin Drop Pod System - Review

Suorin Drop Pod System - Review

Suorin Drop Vape Pod Kit

The Suorin Drop is a portable Pod System vape designed in a shape of a drop to fit perfectly in your palm. The pod system industry has seen a significant influx of new devices in recent years, making it difficult for consumers to choose the right one. However, one device stands out from the crowd - the Suorin Drop. This innovative device, launched in 2017, has quickly gained popularity in vaping. Let's look at what makes Suorin Drop an excellent option for vapers.


At first glance, it's easy to see that the Suorin Drop has been designed with user convenience and portability in mind. The device has an ergonomic and compact design that fits easily in the palm of your hand or your pocket. Its teardrop shape is unique and exciting, and the different color options provide a nice touch.

Battery Life

The Suorin Drop is equipped with a 310mAh battery, sufficient to last a day of moderate usage. It takes around 45 minutes to charge and uses a micro-USB cord for easy charging. As with all pod systems, battery life is always something to consider, but with the Suorin Drop, you likely won't have to worry about it.


The Suorin Drop performs as well or even better than other pod systems. It uses two types of pods: a 2ml drop-shaped cartridge with a 1.3-1.4 ohm coil, which is perfect for e-liquids that are not too thick, and a 1ml pod with a 1.2-ohm coil, suitable for nicotine salt e-liquids. The Suorin Drop pods are refillable cartridges, making experimenting with different e-liquid flavors quick. The device is also draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons to press, and it's easy to use straight out of the box.


Probably the only downside of the Suorin Drop is that it might not perform as well with thicker e-liquids. The device is optimized for standard e-liquids and nicotine salts, but more viscous e-liquids may cause leaks and gurgles. Furthermore, the lifespan of the pods can vary, depending on usage and e-liquid type, but they are generally rated to last for around five fill-ups on average.

Suorin Drop - Conclusion

Overall, Suorin Drop is a great pod system. It's convenient, portable, and easy to use.

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