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Switch/Swap to Vaping

Make the Switch to Vaping: Help Your Wallet and Your Health

“If not for vaping, I would have died from smoking cigarettes. Vaping has allowed me to live longer and enjoy my children,” reads a testimonial of a former smoker reported by the American Vaping Association. While some confuse the differences between cigarettes and vaping, many lifelong addicted smokers have found refuge and relief by switching to the new e-cigarettes, which have taken the country by storm. E-cigarette vape pens not only act as a solution to quitting your smoking addiction, but they also come with financial and health benefits compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Save Money with the Swap to Vaping

Using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking comes with many financial benefits. The average cost of one pack of tobacco cigarettes in the USA is about $10, depending on where you live. Smokers typically use around one pack a day so the average smoker could spend anywhere near $70 per week for their addiction reports. The financial benefits move beyond just having extra money in your wallet; think of reduced health insurance costs, life insurance premiums, more money for car payments, and fewer trips to the doctor. Alternatively, the cost of vape pens and pods is about 2.5 times less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, saving you about, on average, $1182.60 a year, reports NerdWallet.

Reduced Cancer Risks with Vaping

Swapping vaping also has numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk for cancer. Individuals who swapped tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes for at least six months were found to have lower levels of carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) in the body than those who didn’t make the switch, reports a study conducted by Cancer Research UK. The study also claims that a third of tobacco-caused deaths are from cancer; by eliminating the tobacco and switching to vapor, the scientists hope to see more individuals break their addiction. Swapping e-cigarettes can “help people to stop smoking altogether by dealing with their cravings more safely,” argues Alison Cox, the study's lead researcher. 

Does it Work?

Many doubt that switching to vaping from cigarettes doesn’t actually work. A study of over 4000 individuals who swapped e-cigarettes to quit tobacco resulted in one significant emerging theme. They all argued that it works as a practical solution, informs you, and embeds you in the vaping community for the best results.

By switching to vaping, you replace harmful cigarette smoke with a nicotine strength and flavor that works best for you. Over time, you will not only have more money in your wallet, but you’ll also notice an improvement in your overall health and hygiene.

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