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Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Kit 1300 MAH Variable Voltage

Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Kit 1300 MAH Variable Voltage

Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Kit 1300 MAH Variable Voltage

The Tesla Spider II A3 electronic cigarette Starter Kit is designed for those who are just getting into vaping.  The kit itself contains all the basic elements for anyone who is looking to quit tobacco products a way to get the nicotine they need with a far safer delivery system.

However, does the Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Kit live up to its own hype? The only way to find out is by looking at what it includes, the features that separate it from the competition and whether it can work for you.

What it Includes

What the product includes is rather simple, which is part of the overall appeal of this device. Yet what is included is rather straightforward.

-        Tesla Spider II 1300mAh battery

-        A3 Atomizer

-        USB Charging Cable


There are a number of features that helps separate this vaping starter kit from the competition, particularly those who are just starting out.

-        Fits all atomizers

-        Unique design

-        Stable vaping device

-        No tar, leaks or burning smell

-        100% stainless steel

-        Comes in stainless steel, black, purple or blue


Overall, the Tesla Spider II A3 Starter Vape Kit is the perfect way for those interested in vaping to get started and kick the tobacco habit. The strong, solid design is backed by the stainless steel materials which means this device will last a very long time. Plus, the battery itself can be recharged up to 500 times making the Spider II A3 a highly durable device. 

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