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The Kangertech SubTank Nano V2

The Kangertech SubTank Nano V2

        Kangertech is known for their SubTanks, and rightfully so since the Kangertech Subtank feature incredible technology and features. Kangertank has come out with the Subtank Plus, Mini and now they are introducing to the world market the Kangertech SubTank Nano V2. It’s an exciting day for vapers everywhere. So let’s take a look at this new tank:

            The Kangertech Subtank Nano V2 is the smallest tank out of the Subtank family. It only has a diameter/width of 18.5mm and holds 3ml of e liquid or juice. Amazingly it is the world’s smallest tank capable of sub ohm vaping. So if you are one of the many vapers that believes less is more than you may just fall in love with the Kangertech SubTank Nano V2.

            The Subtank Nano has the two OCC coils that are: 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm. There are exactly the same as the OCC coils that are included with the Subtank mini and plus. The only difference between the Kangertech SubTank plus and its two brothers: the mini and plus, is that due to its small size it does not come with the RBA feature that the other two Kangertech Subtanks do have.

            The most eye catching feature of the Kangertech Subtank Nano is its size. It is tiny compared to the other subtanks and even to the aspire atlantis tanks. If you prefer a smaller tank thank the Kangertech Subtank Nano cannot be beat in the size department. Although it is tiny the Subtank Nano will fit on the larger 510 batteries and on mini box mods. For the vapers who do not want a huge 22mm device but do want sub ohm technology in your tank than the Kangertech SubTank Nano V2 will be a perfect fit for you. 

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