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Top 5 Festive Vape Juice Flavors

Top 5 Festive Vape Juice Flavors

Looking forward to winter? Neither am I. There’s nothing quite like scraping a full inch of ice off your windshield at 8 o’clock in the morning. Between the sub-zero temperatures, hazardous driving conditions, and 5 pm sunsets, it’s tempting to make like a bear and skip the whole thing.


But winter isn’t all bad. There are skiing and ice skating, for example. There’s also Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and, of course, Festivus. The holidays are objectively good; they allow us to reconnect with family and give us an excuse to overindulge in seasonal vices, whether it’s frosted cut-out cookies or eggnog infused with brandy.


Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the holiday season, we can all agree it has a mood and atmosphere that can’t be replicated any other time of the year (Christmas in July notwithstanding). In view of that, we’ve compiled a list of five vape juice flavors that really capture the holiday spirit and, in so doing, help you fend off the dreaded “winter blues.”


Candy Cane

Some people eat them, while others just hang them from the tree. Either way, candy canes are the quintessential Christmas candy. A number of companies sell e-liquids inspired by this peppermint-flavored treat, so you can experiment with a few different brands to figure out which one most pleases your taste buds. Beyond giving you “that holiday feeling,” peppermint e-liquids can help you relax; try including one when you vape dry herbs terpenes.


Apple Cinnamon

For most people, pie—and especially apple pie—is part and parcel of the holidays. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, you can’t go wrong with Beard Vape’s The One – Apple Cinnamon. This vape juice draws on fruit, cereal, and pastry to evoke the sweet and decadent taste of a homemade apple pie. 


Cookies and Milk

What could be more appropriate for the holidays than a vape juice that tastes like Kris Kringle’s favorite meal? The answer is nothing, which is why you should try SaltBae50’s Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookie Salt e-liquid. This vape juice transports you back to a time when it was socially acceptable for you to dip your cookies in a glass of milk. Also when you could do so without moving a few squares east on the BMI chart.


Gingerbread Dude

Polarizing though they may be, you can’t have a credible Christmas party without gingerbread cookies. Even if your palate recoils from them, you have to admit they’ve earned a seat at the holiday snack table—even if only as a sort of decoration. On the other hand, if you like a good gingerbread cookie, you owe it to yourself to check out Gingerbread Dude vape juice e-liquid. The sharpness of the ginger is balanced by a smooth cappuccino flavor.



Appreciated by teetotalers and boozers alike, eggnog is a holiday classic that dates back to at least the 18th century. Now its unique flavor can be enjoyed through a vape pen too. Like the beverage itself, Eggnog is characterized by a rich sweetness and subtle notes of nutmeg. Ideal for a wintry evening.

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