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TotallyWicked-E-Liquid is another excellent website that offers the opportunity to buy an e-cigarette and all supporting accessories. The site has an enormous collection of electronic cigarette kits, including particular types for first-timers, which are specifically designed to be as easy to use, fill and maintain as possible. They also offer disposable e-cigarettes, pre-filled with liquid. For users with experience, TotallyWicked offers specialty portable e-cigarettes, including extravagant e-Pipes, e-Shishas, and e-Cigar kits. The eliquid is included in the kit, so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

If you already have a vaporing device, you can also refill your liquids from TotallyWicked. All of their liquids are USA and UK manufactured and offer 4 different ranges and nicotine concentrations – you can choose between the weakest (0mg) and the strongest (35mg). The great thing about TotallyWicked is that they allow you to mix and create your own eliquid. The mixing kits start at $7.99, but you can buy the ingredients separately as well – the nicotine solutions start from $6.00, the flavor concentrates are incredibly inexpensive, and the diluents and accessories begin at $0.99.

If you’re confused about all these things, don’t worry: TotallyWicked have a special section that will introduce you in details to the eliquid and will give you thorough explanations about the nicotine concentration, the flavorings and diluents. There is even a graph to show the strength of each type of liquid, which makes the customer experience incredibly easy.

The website also offers variable voltage devices, tanks and atomizers, accessories, and batteries. They are official representatives of two different brands, the stylish TECC e-cigarette kits, which range from $19.99 to $109.99 (so you can quickly turn them into an expensive and exquisite gift), and the Odyssey Products. The latter is available exclusively from TotallyWicked and a few selected outlets and offers incredibly fashionable and well-designed devices and supporting accessories.

There is a gift card option and numerous offers and discounts if you’re looking to make someone (or why not yourself) a gift for Christmas. The website has a great FAQ section that can answer all your questions, but if you still have any troubles, you can contact them via their excellent customer support system. Don’t forget to check their interactive section, including the forum and the blog, which features various exciting discussions and news related to portable e-cigarettes and vaporing.

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