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The Guide on the Vape Battery

The guide on the vape battery

Vaping is a fascinating trend that is catching up rapidly across the world. Smoking on the go with such ease has led to the rise in the popularity of vape pens. There are tons of varieties of vape pens and vaporizers in different shapes, sizes, capacities, and features available in the marketplace today. The technology is new to most users, and hence, understanding the system helps ensure a happy and smooth experience.


One of the components of a vape pen or vaporizer is the battery. The battery plays a critical role in ensuring a safe experience while using a vape module. Several refillable or pre-filled cartridge designs of vape modules are available today. Expanding your knowledge about the right batteries to use with these designs will help avoid any bad experiences or damaging your vape pens.

Understanding the types of vape pen batteries

The primary purpose of a battery in a vaping module is to heat the oil from the cartridge provided to convert to smoke. The battery does not have to be too powerful for this function. Vape batteries can be internal or external. Each of them poses a few pros and cons. Internal batteries can be the best choice for beginners as it eliminates the need to worry about the various options available. An important point to keep in mind while working with internal batteries is to charge them properly. Internal battery devices usually come with a micro USB cable that you can connect to the main outlet or other USB-compatible devices. Use the charger appropriate for the specifications of the battery. Charge only up to 85% and do not use the vaporizer when the charge falls below 20%

In the case of an external battery, you have the liberty to change them whenever necessary. The mod is reusable after replacing the battery, and the system is quite easy to use. External batteries require high-quality battery chargers that are reliable and can also prolong your battery life and battery cycle. Like internal chargers, the rule about choosing the right specifications applies here too. If the battery is compatible with the charger, it can prolong your battery life cycle and ensure safety while operating the device. One can visit and review various Vape Pen based on battery life and choose wisely. 

Vape battery – Decoding the different sizes

External vape batteries are available in different sizes. Among these, the most popular codes are 18350, 26650, and 18650. New designs also have batteries of codes 21700 and 20700. The first two digits of the code refer to the dimension of the battery measured across, and the last three indicate the length in mm. These codes help deduce the batteries to support different types of vaporizers.


510 Threaded Batteries

The 510 threaded batteries are the most commonly used style for vape pens in the market today. Except for pods or other larger batteries, most portable vape pens use the 510 threaded battery setups. Although the 510 threaded battery style is typical for most cartridge types, some cells can be too powerful for a specific cartridge setup. Hence, you need to pay special attention to understand the specifications before choosing. One of the essential features of 510 that makes it likable to users is the amount of customization it allows. It has the largest selection, and hence, it is possible to alter your experience just the way you like it with a vape pen battery.

If you purchase a pre-filled cartridge, then you will find 510 threads in them. A small magnetic adapter helps connect the cartridge and the battery. The typical battery voltage range of 510 threaded batteries lies between 3.3v – 4.8v. But there is a wide variety of selections to explore to choose from for each of your vape pen requirements. For example, if you are working with an oil cartridge, then voltages lower than 3.3v will be most appropriate. Whereas if you are using a ceramic or wickless cartridge type, you will require higher voltages. Use the most moderate range of voltages first, and you can slowly increase it to enhance the vapor quality. You can explore the three wide varieties of vape pens with 510 thread batteries, such as buttonless, buttoned, and variable voltage battery styles.


Choosing the right ratings

As discussed, a critical characteristic to determine the right battery for your mod is to evaluate the current and capacity ratings of your battery. Two features indicate how effective your battery is for vaping. The total capacity of your battery is available in the mAh rating, whereas the Amps rating gives the discharge rate. If your battery has a high capacity or high value of mAh, then the chances are that the Amps ratings are low. It is because the discharge of the battery in this system is slow. This type of setting is most appropriate for low-wattage devices.

Tips to enhance your battery life

Now that we have discussed quite some information about vape batteries, we will continue to explore ways to utilize them well. Using and maintaining your battery well ensures you can use your vaporizers or vape pens for a prolonged duration without any worry. The typical battery cycle for any rechargeable battery is 500 charges. But you can use a few tips to ensure that it lasts longer. 


  1. Never drain your battery till the last drop. Using your vape pens when your battery is about to finish is harmful. It puts excess stress on the battery capacity and affects the number of charge cycles left.
  2. Store your batteries properly. Invest in a proper battery case to remove and store your batteries after use. Place your batteries at the appropriate temperature to ensure there are no chances of explosion due to high temperature or pressure conditions.
  3. Avoid overcharging your batteries. Do not leave your battery to charge all night or more than 90%. It could lead to damages to the battery as well as catastrophic effects such as explosions.
  4. Invest in a second set. If you regularly use your vape pens or mods, invest in a second pair of batteries. Switch between the two to enhance the battery life while you can enjoy vaping for as long as you like.
  5. Clean your vape pens and batteries. Accumulation of dirt, dust, or residue at the contact points or heating areas of the vaping system can reduce efficiency and increase stress on the battery significantly. Hence take time to separate each part of your vaporizer and clean it properly.
  6. Always choose good quality. Batteries are a long-time investment concerning your safety. Hence ignore frugal purchase habits when it comes to buying them. Research and invest in high-quality batteries that ensure safety and efficiency. Check your battery for any damages before you place it in the module as a precaution in case there were problems while charging.
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