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E-liquid (part 1)

So, let’s start with definition. What itself is e-liquid? Before answering that I want to state that when you see e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice it’s all same things but under different names. Back to topic – it’s a liquid which turns by some e-cig device to vapor. There are many types of e-liquids. Cause lot of vaping types require lot of vaping juice. Additionally, we will talk about how it’s made, whole process.

Vaping is booming industry. First e-liquids which used in e-cigs where contained in special e-cig cartridges. With evolution of vaping devices e-liquids becomes their own thing by themselves. There are like more than one hundred brands in US alone. All are different for sure. Customers want to be sure that they use top notch e-juices. Many are not met any standard at all.

All that vape juices must be done with pro laboratory quality. Blending all that ingredients together needs expertise in chemistry and special training. Most things inside are done from food grade. So, to give definition of e-juice better to start looking inside.

e-liquid craft

E-Liquid – definition

So, what is inside, right? There are 2 main ingredients that make that e-juice. First one is vegetable glycerin and second one is propylene glycol. Others, as you may think, are flavors and nicotine. Those last two are no more than ten percent of overall vape juice. Main thing is VG and PG. So, three out of four are substances of grade food. Nicotine for e-liquids are usually get from tobacco plants and extracted from pharmaceutical grade. And mainly because of that fact FDA considers e-juices (and overall e-cigs) as tobacco product with all restrictions which comes with that. Let’s take even closer look at that.

E-juice ingredients

You better wouldn’t know their chemical names because it may scare you to death! Right now, you could be slipping something like some monoxide dihydrogen, but don’t be that scary! It’s just water in our usual words. Let’s talk about it closer so you wouldn’t react like that in future.

Propylene Glycol

In vaping community it’s also called PG, but we as humans already using it over a century. It’s located in your everyday consuming products like toothpaste, some medications or shampoo. So, if you take care about yourself chances are huge;) It’s also safe substance for us. In its vapor form it’s simply smoke. If you like some metal or rock concerts you probably already seen that fake smoke which looks like mist many times. It’s done by foggers under the stage and they vaporize it.

There is work around some aero forms of propylene glycol which are here for years and safe for human health, i.e. no risk damaging yourself. PG absorbs water easily, i.e. it has dehydrating effect so some vapor juice done with it can be a bit harsh.

When all the buzz around e-juices started all of them where done from PG on 90%. As a result, many vapers found that very harsh. Some water intake was absolutely a must.  E-cigs also contained same PG as liquid most of times.

In current times propylene glycol also being used in e-juices, but not that much at all! It’s main goal now to carry the flavor with itself. Current market products concentration is like fifty percent, sometime up to seventy. But most of the time it’s mixed very hard with VG – vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin

It’s extracted from palm plant and is very thick substance. There are of course other ways to get that thing, but vape companies using that one – palm plant.

You also using that subtract without knowing very widely. For example, in Medicine, food creating, cosmetics and so on. It has sweet taste and can be used as sweetener as well. Preservative is also done with it help in case if you already curious;) Some of parfums if not all as well using it. It’s considered safe substance for human.

Basically, every vape done now have like 50% of VG. Why is so? Answer is simple – with it you will get a lot of vapor. And comparing it with propylene glycol much gentler vapor. And those mass clouds of it also done with VG help. Even with highest vegetable glycerin levels in e-liquid there are some PG for flavor like we already stated. VG can’t carry the flavor unfortunately. But vapor production is just great!

Vapor juice flavors

What used is called food-grade. But not all such flavors will work in that liquids. Some of their parts may not be used for vapor needs. That’s why it’s very important to but e-juices only from famous brands which are using professional equipment and lab for making them right.

It takes a lot of money and well-trained people to make e-liquid from good ingredients. Gypsy Vapes make their vape juices just like FDA requires for example and provide you only with such. If you bought in past something which is not FDA approved stop doing this right now and buy from us. We make it crystal clear for our consumers.


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