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E-liquid (part 2)

Nicotine and e-juice

Like we already stated in part 1 nicotine used in e-liquids are extracted from plants of tobacco. Nicotine as you may know from usual cigarettes are quite addictive;) Nicotine for e-juices are being made only for adult persons. Gypsy Vapes using latest age verification tool on our website to check that if we are not selling vaping to teens. We understand all risks nicotine have with itself and though it’s not like that which you may find in usual cigs, but it’s not be used for kids or moms who waiting for baby. It’s still stimulant, nonetheless.

But recently new type of nicotine was invented. So called nicotine salts, it’s not gotten from tobacco leaves but from various salts in stem. Main advantage that may now consume more nicotine without that harshness feeling. It’s caused much smoother process than usual medical type of nicotine. You can get a lot of intake of needed amount and a little vapor as well. That’s why many now go for nicotine salts instead of pure nicotine like in past times.

You can now get that salts e-juice in cartridge like cigarette. Gypsy Vapes have or can order just for you some specially made which look like that with juice concentration like you just want. That custom solution is totally changing life of smokers making it looks like cig but not actually inside, helping to switch.

CAUTION: You should be wary though that some vaping juice manufacturers using overseas nicotine. That cheap solution hardly meets any real American standards of pharma companies. There were even done some testing which showed that like half of all e-liquids have not correct nicotine inside. It’s a serious deal to make vape juices not just a hobby and it needs some good equipment from professionals.

e-juice with nicotine and flavorings

Nicotine amounts in different e-liquids

Level of nicotine - it all depends what type of e-juice you are going to use as well as what type of vaping. Like if you use device with atomizer which ohms is above 1 then you need to apply at least 50% vape juice PG.

For things like sub ohm user need to use liquids with at least 70% VG. They even called VG e-juices, that’s it. Most VG vaping juices have VG in levels like 80% or even more.

MTL vaping is type of vaping with atomizers of 1 ohm. It’s described as “mouth to lung” because you draw it into your mouth and then inhale. Just like smoking a cig. With atomizers less than 1 ohm It’s called DL, i.e. “direct lung” so you inhale directly into your lungs from that vapor device. DL vaping produce a lot more vapor than MTL device.

So, when you use VG e-juices with your sub ohm vaping device, you’ll need much less nicotine. Most of such vaping juices VG based have no more than 6mg of nicotine. When you use PG e-juice you can expect that it contains up to 10 times more than that.

Levels of nicotine in vaping

It’s all depends on your individual needs. You know your current tobacco usage and can see some scheme with nicotine levels available. If you are used to smoke heavy way you probably need more nicotine, correct? Below are the most common amounts of nicotine in vaping juices.

PG e-juices

0, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg

VG e-juices

0, 3, 6 mg

Nicotine Salt e-juices

25, 35, 50 mg

Nicotine salts

It was the game changer like we already mentioned. As you can see amount of nicotine is big here in comparison and do not take a lot of vapor. 15mg or above is something which smokers should use.

Hemp oil vape liquid shouldn’t be more than 0,5g of CBD. Something below that should be orally taken.

Two types of things for creating vapor – PG and VG. Most vape juices is PG based. It has less vapor and sweeter e-liquids. VG – everything – otherwise. In some cases, they are mixed together for making balance. Gypsy Vapes using PG/VG as 80/20.

E-juices are also done with different levels of nicotine ranging from 0% to 2.4%. Nicotine levels measured like mg per ml, but also can be done like approximate percentage. For example, that 2.4% would means 24 mg of nicotine here. Percent’s perceived as less strong simply.

Types of e-liquids

There are lot of different ones. Most common are – PG bases, VG based, Salt nicotine based, Hemp oil based.

Will it all tastes like a real cig?

Well, the vape juice which will have a taste of real cig…. There is no such thing, do you want it or not. Not one because there is no process of burning. However, we, Gypsy Vapes, can find some tobacco flavors as Sahara Classic or something like that. We carry all popular flavors which are in need in current market of vaping. Some other vaping brands may taste not like other even with same flavors, it’s a normal situation. You may like some orange flavor from one manufacturer and do not like from another.

Try to buy small e-juice bottle to taste all at first. You may go trough many before you will select favorites instead of going for big bottles right away.

What is the way to store that vape juices?

Vape juices should be located at dry and cool place without direct sun light. Manufacturers, as you may notice use colored bottles to help reduce this one, but better just to have put them in some closed box, especially those which not needed for immediate usage. Some prefer to put them in refrigerator. Take attention to production date and expiration date on e-juice bottle. Usually it’s like 2 years. Keep it out of pets and children.

So, to conclude – vape juice is a mix of that 4 components: Vegetable Glycerin (and/or) Propylene glycol, Flavorings and Nicotine. Buy some amount to find your favorite in that small bottles until you will be happy with it. There will be times when you will want something which will be like classic cigarette, there will be time when you will want something like fresh fruits. At Gypsy Vapes we have both and even more!

E-cig cartridges with e-liquid.

All e-cig cartridges (as well as clearomizers) we sell can be again refilled with some vape juice. It can be done up to 3 times with each one before obtaining fresh one. With clearomizers you can do such “recharge” up to 20 times.


I think now you are fully aware what e-liquid is, how many types presents, of which main components it’s consists. How it’s converting itself to vapor and with which devices. All type of different things regarding vape juice are all the same meaning of word. If you still have some question – call us or e-mail. But better just try some of them with our shop;)

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