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Vape Pen Blinks When Cartridge Is In

Vape Pen Blinks When Cartridge Is In

Vape Pen Blinks When Cartridge Is In 

The market for vape pens is developing at incredible speed. Of course, every vape pen is unique in color, size, battery capacity, and many other things, but there is one thing in common: the LED light indicators. So many vapers are searching for the answers to a single question: why vape pen blinks when cartridge is in ? So, let’s figure out why vape pen blinks when cartridge is in; on the example of the well-known company SMOK on the most popular mode of this brand is the SMOK Novo 2.

So, what does the SMOK Novo light mean? All of the devices have different LED indicator colors, and for example, the SMOK Novo blinks white when the technical part of the device is affected by some causes.

Reason №1: Vape Pen Blinks 3 Times

At the moment, practically all vape devices are protected from many things, for example, short circuit protection. Short circuit protection is protection against excessive currents or current beyond the acceptable current rating of the equipment, and it operates instantly. So, when the device has detected a problem with a current, it automatically will blink three times. A similar combination of blinking for a lot of devices.

Reason №2: Vape Pen Blinks 4 Times 

The SMOK Novo 2 blinks four times when the pod and battery parts do not receive a proper connection. However, it isn’t a fatal problem and resolves by cleaning the inside of the pod’s battery part and bottom part. So, clean the contacts if the vape pen blinks when cartridge is in.

Reason №3: Vape Pen Blinks 5 Times

One of the most widespread problems is the stuck activation button. There is no need to worry that your device will burn off all the liquid and coils because practically all devices guard with an 8-second cut-off. Such protection automatically shuts down the battery when the vape pen fires 8 seconds. In the case of the SMOK Novo 2 LED indicator blinks five times.

Reason №4: Vape Pen Blinks 10 Times

Against the backdrop of all problems, this amount of blinks is the most unpleasant. So, when the LED indicator blinks ten times, your battery is dead. The device’s battery goes out of service due to improper recharging and use, and it’s maybe the worse news. Therefore, we recommend charging the devices 100% and doing it on a dry surface to prolong the battery life. 

However, it’s not a big issue for vape pen users with external batteries because external batteries are replaceable.

Reason №5: Vape Pen Blinks 15 Times 

This specific blinking displays the problem with the low voltage. When the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V, the battery will automatically shut down. The low battery charge protection will prolong the lifespan of the battery.

Reason №6: Battery Level Lights

The vape pens work from external or internal batteries and recharge by the Micro-USB or USB-C ports, and each battery has a level of charge. Some of the devices fit OLED screens, displaying percentages. But when we are talking about vape devices with small LED indicators, for example, the SMOK Novo 2 charging lights are:

  • Greenlight: 1OO% - 6O%
  • Bluelight: 6O% - 2O% 
  • Redlight: 2O% and less

As usual, all vape devices indicate the same battery percentage with the same colors.

Reason №7: Vape Pen Blinks Constant

As you understand, all electronics and components have their lifespan. The same situation is with the LED lights. For most vape pens, constant blinking means malfunctioning of the LED indicator. However, this happens quite rarely and is not a fatal problem.

Reason №8: Vape Pen Blinks When Puffing

One of the frequent problems for vape pens with external batteries, if the vape pen blinks when cartridge is in, is caused by an improperly installed battery. In this case, loss of sufficient contact will start LED light each attempt to puff. To fix this issue, open the battery cap, take off the battery, wipe all the connections with the dry rag and fit the battery back in.

All vape pens include a user manual, and we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with all points before the first use. This article helps to start vaping smoothly, learn the intricacies of use and understand what the vape pen needs if the vape pen blinks when cartridge is in.

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