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Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging

Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging

Vape pens, in general, are easy-to-use devices. But even in this case, in the process, some parts can lead to a dead end. One of these details can be LED indication. More than half of the types of vape pens have an indicator light that indicates various problems or workflows. In addition, the indicator light can perform this in multiple ways and colors, the most common being red light. Therefore, the most common question from beginners and experienced users is, "Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging" Fortunately, the answer to this question is straightforward and can be understood even by someone with zero experience with vape devices.

Red Flashing Light- Causalities

As mentioned above, a light indicator will indicate different color lights to warn the user of issues or to notify that the vape device receives power. In this case, a red flashing light while the device is charging usually notifies the user that the battery is successfully charging after being discharged completely. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that such a color of the LED indicator displays the usual processes, not only the issues.


Other Color Flashing Lights - Meanings

Other flashing light options and combinations display other usual working processes except for a red flashing light while charging. Moreover, their meanings can differ from one device to another, so it is advised to be familiar with the user manual for the correct understanding.

Voltage Color Meanings

Many vape pens, such as Kangertech EVod VV, possess an adjustable voltage, and each voltage power [usually three] is indicated with a different LED color light. For example, a red light will demonstrate a high voltage, a blue one will indicate a medium voltage and a green one will indicate the lowest.

Completely Charged Battery

After fully and successfully charging the battery, the light indicator will change from red to green or white. In some cases [depending on the sort of vape pen], the light will turn off.

Color Meanings While Vaping

Sometimes, LED lights start flashing during vaping, which is normal. The battery is charged if the LED flashes green [100% - 70%]. If it is blue, this could mean that the battery percentage is at a medium level [70% - 40%]. If it is red, then this indicates that the rate is below 30, which is low.


Some advice is very important for a correct and pleasing vaping experience or even to prevent battery issues. First, we recommend avoiding charging the device on a wet surface. Furthermore, we advise charging the battery fully before its first utilization. Moreover, it is recommended not to let the battery of your device discharge entirely before setting it, as this can ruin your battery's performance. Finally, if a weird combination of colored flashing lights appears, it is very advised to reach for the help of a professional and see what the issue is immediately.


Even for vape pens that are very straightforward in utilization and maintenance, it is essential to possess knowledge of every detail of them. Additionally, not a single colored flashing light should be ignored, as this is a way for the vape pen to communicate with its user.

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