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Why Do People Vape After Sex?

Why Do People Vape After Sex?

It is easy for almost everyone to imagine a couple enjoying traditional nicotine delivery systems right after sex, owing to popular movies and TV shows. It is not only movies, but people indulge in them after getting intimate with their partner. While the trend is not as popular today, it indeed has evolved differently. People all around the globe are switching to electronic vapes as an alternative lifestyle. Vapes have also managed to revolutionize the customary nicotine hit after sex.


Are you wondering why people vape after sex? Can it affect the entire experience? Read on to know more about combining the two things people enjoy the most.

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What is vaping?

It is hard to buy and not notice people casually enjoying a good vaping session. Such is the popularity of the trend that people of all ages are indulging in it. But do you know what vaping is? A vaporizer is a tiny and compact electronic device that can fit inside your pocket. It includes a coil, a battery, a tank, and a mouthpiece. When you switch on the device, it heats the substance in the tank to produce vapor. Then, inhale the vapor through its mouthpiece to enjoy the experience.


There are numerous devices available in the market today that you can choose from. You can vape dried herbs, extracts, concentrates, and even e-juice. Find a device that is compatible with the substance you wish to vape and your needs. If you are planning to invest in vaping devices, always look for award winning vape coils in the US.


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Why do people vape after sex?


While the trend is gaining popularity, the question arises: Why do people indulge in vaping after sex? If you are wondering the same, here are five reasons for it:

1. Out of habit

A majority of people have developed vaping as a habit and often associate it with another routine activity. While for some people, it can be after a meal or post-work, others can often associate it with sex as well. They have created a habit of vaping after indulging in sex with their partner. If the person goes through the entire period of the intercourse and even more time without indulging in it, they simply crave vaping after sex. 

2. Enhances the experience

Vaping can help those who seek the feeling of relaxation along with post-coital bliss. On the contrary, it can give a buzz during the refractory period after orgasm, cutting it short. The desire may return quickly, and you can get in the mood again.

3. Following pop culture

Pop culture has also managed to popularize the idea of vaping after sex. While there are plenty of classic references about indulging in a post-sex session in the bedroom, you can also find a band named right after the experience. From movies to TV shows, song lyrics to books, vaping after sex has been popularized almost everywhere. They depict it as a relaxing yet cool activity that youngsters often want to try in real life.

4 Fetish

It has also emerged as a fetish for many people. A fetish is a sexual desire for which gratification is linked to a particular object or activity. Here, it could be to enjoy watching the other person vape. For a long time, vaping and other substitutes have been promoted as a luxury product, indicating wealth and status. People can often try electronic vaporizers after sex to live that fetish created around the trend.     

5. Bonding with the partner

Sex is not merely a physical activity, but rather a bonding experience that can bring two people closer. They share moments of intimacy that can improve their relationship as well. It can surely be a moment to bond after sex for many couples who share their passion for vaping. They can enjoy the quiet peace or indulge in meaningful conversation after sex, making the experience even more intimate for them.


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How to vape after sex?


If you are a beginner at vaping and want to hop on this new trend, you need to learn how to vape. Here is your detailed guide to vaping:

1. Get a vaporizer

The first thing you need to enjoy vaping after sex is a good vaporizer. Research about the numerous vaping devices and find one that suits your needs. You can find the following devices:


  • Mechanical mods

  • Box style

  • Disposable vaporizers


2. Buy a vape juice

Once you have a vaporizer, you will need vape juice to enjoy the experience. It is a liquid that you can put in your device to heat and produce vapor. A bottle of vape juice contains water, nicotine, food-grade flavors, Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Vape juice comes in plenty of different flavors, ranging from fruits to desserts. You can choose the flavor, VG/PG ratio, and even the nicotine content to customize your vaping experience. It will help enhance your overall experience of using a vaporizer after getting intimate with your partner. 

3. Learn to inhale

If you are new to the process of vaping, you will have to learn how to inhale the vapor. You must activate the device through the power button and then take a draw from the mouthpiece. You can hold it for 5 seconds, breathe the vapor into the lungs and then exhale it, known as the Mouth to Lung method. If not, you can directly draw the vapor into your lungs and exhale it soon after. After that, you must wait for a few seconds to enjoy the effects of vapor. It can take up to 8 seconds for your body to absorb the contents of vape juice.

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Final Thoughts     

If you look back at the last decade, vaping has become a buzzword. From teenagers using it for recreation to older people relying on it for medicinal purposes, vaporizers are now a household product. Vaping after sex is not only popular but also satisfying for many. It can help you enjoy the relaxing moments with your partner and prolong the feeling of post-coital bliss. If you are wondering about trying the trend, now is the time. Invest in a quality odorless dry herb vaporizer and enjoy a good session after sex. Also, read our same article about how to enhance your sex.

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