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Vaping and popcorn lung

Vaping and popcorn lung connected with each other?

We constantly discussing vaping, but not enough scientific studies being done on that subject. You may see is that laws about vaping constantly popping up without any deep research being done prior to that. There are many assumptions about vaping in the last recent years. Scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives made the research that already known disease “popcorn lung” was present because of very dangerous chemicals which are located in many electronic cigarettes in vape pens. They tested more than 50 cigarettes and pens and located something like 47 being harmful and 39 contains diacetyl.

That diacetyl still is the biggest problem for them, it’s simulating butter flavor, that’s why the disease got such a name.

Ordinary people call it popcorn lung, but in the medical community, it’s called obliterative bronchiolitis. So, what’s the deal with all of that? In the city of Jasper in the state of Missouri, there were microwave popcorn plants from Glister-Mary Lee. The first case of such disease was described as something like the early 1980s but have come to big attention in the early 2000s. There was a case where eight employees of the factory were diagnosed with diacetyl from popcorn. After that case, the local Department of Health of the state of Missouri with the help of the Institute for occupational safety and health start to fixing the working conditions in all factories and poor work practices.

Now when you know the story let’s learn what it actually is and what is its symptoms. In other words, this is obstruction of bronchioles. Those sinks are like small passageways in your lungs by which way air passes the mouse or nose to the sacs of air. Popcorn lungs prevent that good airflow transmission and make inflammation of that airways. Sets were symptoms started, some of them include shortness of breath, dry cough, and even if wheezing. Symptoms are very similar to that obstructive pulmonary disease in chronic form.

Diacetyl, a bit more about it.

Some vaping brands, some vaping-related manufacturers for sure use diacetyl in their flavors. And that fact immediately makes some action for people who protests vaping in any form. Like you may already know about the laws which make smoking equal to vaping and for sure bringing oil to the fire or in the butter;)

it’s a product of fermentation that brings a specific aroma to the butter, sour cream, buttermilk this thing – diacetyl can also be found in candies and wines. You might easily eat it without any consequences, but when you start inhaling it that’s where the problems arise, especially because it found in fruity flavor Vapes and electronic cigarettes. That taste usually attracts the youngest customers.

Of course, all vape haters started to ride at this fact. At the beginning of our story, we already thought about the journal that started it. Anyway, we already make some of our own research and explain how vape flavors are being generated in our past articles. And if your child started to vape you should not worry about it, we’re for sure have some tips for that issue as well.

popcorn lung

Popcorn lung and vaping still under research.

For sure a lot of research being done already but for some scientists, it’s still undermined thing. For example, Dr. Farsalinos has viewed just like us on this subject. He did a lot of study on electronic cigarettes.

He did very big research with his own team, research was done in seven countries and they tested 36 manufacturers of vaping products and 159 samples. He discovered that more than half of testing samples have an even lower dose of diacetyl than it needed by safety levels. They even compared it with the smoking process and finds that the dosage is indeed in the levels of 10 to 100 lower concentration comparison. Anyway, some samples really indeed have dosages a bit higher than needed.

Samples with sweet flavors usually have a higher concentration of diacetyl based on the research about it above. He also suggested for sure that some proper measures need to be taken out to the manufacturers of that vaping liquids without the need to simply stop the production of whole sweet flavors lines. The whole side of the matter should work together to make it possible. That way manufacturers will get the prophet medical community will be happy because of safety and people will be happy because they taste the safe product, everyone will be happy, instead of useless disputes. A lot of people already know that diacetyl was present in tobacco products long before such researches being done. You can check according to sections on our vape shop all our products have a very low amount of it like it needed or do not contain it at all.

Concerned vapers

there is still fear in some vaping communities about this. Most of them for sure prefer vaping over smoking because it’s not harmful to them, but not many can forgive that the diacetyl is present in some liquids for vaping. That’s why manufacturers and many other production companies constantly making tests and even plan to exclude this company and completely from their products. Not every producer is able to afford such practices because it’s very expensive. We can for sure say one thing – a high dose of diacetyl for sure leads to popcorn lung if it was done via inhalation. If you will take a look only at symptoms without any further status it’s very easy to make a mistake in popcorn lung with COPD caused by smoking.

COPD and Popcorn Lung – signs and symptoms.

Of course, it’s very difficult sometimes to determine symptoms of which you must do have - COPD or popcorn lung. COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Let’s list a few and start with popcorn lung.

Popcorn lung

  1. Rapid breathing
  2. Continual irritation of mouth, eyes, skin, and nose from chemicals
  3. low-energy
  4. dry cough without mucus
  5. Not enough breath especially when you are in some activity.


  1. same low-energy
  2. With yellow-white or green mucus
  3. tightness of chest
  4. Not enough breath especially when you are in some activity.
  5. Frequent bronchitis or similar illnesses.
  6. Swelling in legs, ankles, and feet
  7. mucus buildup during the night, which cause bad feelings every morning

So, as you can see both of them have very similar symptoms, of course, each one has very unique traits which help with diagnoses overall. It does not matter if you’re a smoker of vapor if you have symptoms like similar above you really need a doctor's consultation for further action and you need to do it right away before the situation got worse. Also do not try to make any experiments with your health by yourself.

About diacetyl avoiding

Okay so for sure method to avoid this company and is completely stop smoking. If you are a smoker you are any way consuming way more of it than any average vaper. If your vaper and you need to be careful with selecting your juices and need to read and remember and understand that the high amount and long-term exposure with link to such illness because of that element. There are more studies being done every day which research which amount of diacetyl is safe for anyone – be you smoker or vaper. If your home worry too much about conditions which it can make you might consider is to buy your vaping components completely without this.

As you may understand some vaping components are totally secret formulas for some companies it’s their moneymaking machine and they will not list it completely, everything which is located in their liquids. However, you already know from our article that for sure some flavors do have bigger amounts of these competencies and some others and you might want to avoid it. Such flavors are usually sweetly creamy and fruity. If you still love such flavors and want to continue to use them then you need to look for companies and brands which make diacetyl-free juices and such facts should be verified by third-party companies, not by the manufacturer itself. Some companies use things like acetoin instead of it but which can surely transform right into the diacetyl itself. But for sure many companies already starting to make diacetyl-free liquids and such things are easier to find than ever.

Future regulations and laws about safety vape

Vaporizers were intended to be much safer than cigarettes for smoking. While recent studies really prove that fact, it was like that in the past few records, there is still room for improvement. Last 10 years smoking industry are in full control of the FDA and various limitations and some like quality standards already applied. In the next few years, they also plan to limit nicotine levels to something non-addictive at all among all other laws. So, companies have something like few years to prepare for such limitations and prepare their production practices and everything else. If they will take care of their customers as a first thing, they will survive no matter what the regulations will need to be implemented. But they for sure already doing it every day and we for sure have all our products complied with latest regulations. The focusing vaping industry was always vaper health.

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