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3 Ways Technology Is Evolving The Vaping Industry



Fifteen years after the vaping industry launched its first set of products on the market, the trade was already worth over $14 billion. In 2020, experts are predicting a $67 billion estimate for it by the year 2027. 


Since its first launch in 2003, the vaping industry has lured many skeptics by its variety of flavors, prices, and its wide selection of Smok starter kit. Users can now vape with or without nicotine, determine their PG vs VG ratio, and vape anything from cheesecake flavor to barbecue pizza. 


Vaping vape pens have improved immensely over the years too. They have a longer battery life, offer better vaping quality, and are much more portable. These days, customers have far more customizable options, better digital displays, higher wattage, and specific temperature control settings, and this is only the beginning.


Vaping may be potential therapeutic uses and users all over the world are using them to relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Following this, there has been a revolution in the choice of products offered as well. From Concentrate Oil to tinctures, from balms to salves, you can even buy capsules in the EU, owing to their popularity. 


Technological advancements happen every day, giving businesses better opportunities to be more efficient. The following are three significant ways technology is revolutionizing the vaping industry. 



Vaping for the medical world


People are currently choosing to vape for recreational purposes, but this could change in a few years. Although it is still in its early stages, experts predict the use of vaping pens to administer e-medicine to patients. This could mean bringing the vaping technology to people who suffer from diseases such as asthma, where instead of inhalers, they would use vaping pens. 


Research on vaping is limited, and essential data still needs to be gathered for this technology to be considered wholly safe and be put into use. However, researchers are working hard to bring e-medicine into the future. If they succeed, e-medicine can treat mild illnesses like the flu and migraines. But it can also help treat deadly diseases such as cancer. 


In this case, the medicine prescribed for the illness would need to come in liquid form, and patients would be able to inhale it by heating it in the vaping pen. The lungs would then absorb the medicine by going through the bloodstream rather than the digestion process seen in traditional medicine. This would mean keeping the effects of the drug at the highest level while also relieving patients from stomach pain or discomfort that come with taking certain medication. 



Bringing vaping and nanotechnology together


Nano-Scientists are researching vaping tools in medicine to determine whether they can make the vapor target the body's diseased area. When v-meds are used, the inhaler triggers the machine to discharge aerosol, which creates those dramatic clouds synonymous with vaping known as vapor. 


What nanoscientists are trying to determine is whether they can incorporate nanomedicine with the vapor to target diseased areas in the body. Medical professionals would be able to treat chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer through vaping pens if they develop this complex technology. The malicious cells would be attacked by the nanomedicine directly. 


If successful, patients would not need to undergo serious surgery to extract malicious cells from the diseased area. Instead, v-meds would bring forth a non-invasive way of treating deadly diseases more gently. 



Social media has made vaping alluring


Social media, especially image-driven ones such as Instagram and Pinterest, have revolutionized vaping and turned it into a fascinating hobby. Images of faces standing behind the dramatic vapor clouds are hugely popular on social media, with many pinning ideas on Pinterest and liking photos on Instagram.


In this image-driven world, vaping pros have single-handedly transformed the vaping brand for many skeptics by the simple act of taking a photo. But there is more to this than a picture. Influencers have also helped the vaping industry thrive and turned many brands into household names.


Instagram influencers who have a strong following and deliver a high conversion rate for brands have introduced many of their followers to vaping pens and the slew of accessories that come with them. Instagram is not the only social medium helping the vaping industry to transform.


Many famous YouTube stars who have a strong following have created tutorial videos about vaping pens, answering how-to questions, their favorite flavors, the best PG to VG ratio, and other problems that many vaping beginners often ask.




Influencers have made it possible for vaping skeptics to change their minds. They have helped interested users buy the best starter kits and flavors, learn about the right ratios for them, use temperature control and learn about other information they might have forgotten to ask the salesperson in a brick-and-mortar store. Better yet, have their questions answered before they purchased their vaping products online. 


The vaping industry is still young, and yet, it has already shown significant evolution. Only time will tell how the vaping world will change, but if scientists discover a way for patients to use vape for treatment safely, it could mean the beginning of a new era for the vaping world. 


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