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Vaping has Reduced Cigarette Smoking in France

Vaping has Reduced Cigarette Smoking in France

Vaping has Reduced Cigarette Smoking in France

In France, the National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health released their information about smoking in France for 2014. The numbers demonstrate a substantial switch of tobacco smokers to electronic cigarette products. While the overall number is seemingly small, it does show that around 400,000 people have quit smoking tobacco products by switching to e-cig brands.

This is the first study by the group on smoking that includes electronic cigarettes, and the survey was done with roughly 15,000 people from ages 15 up to 75. The data itself revealed a number of exciting statistics;

-        99% had heard of electronic cigarettes

-        26% had tried e-cigs at least once

-        6% use e-cigs on a regular basis

-        3% use e-cigs daily and identify themselves as vapers

For the most part, young males were the most likely to use e-cig products and consider themselves vapors. Most vapers have used e-cigs for about four months on average, while just below 10% have been users for over a year, indicating how new the product is to France. The main reason that was cited for using e-cigs was sustaining the nicotine addiction while avoiding the growing prices of tobacco products and their adverse health benefits.

However, the big news from the study was that e-cig products have helped roughly 400,000 tobacco smokers kick the habit. This represents an average of just below a 9 cigarette decrease per day from current smokers who also happen to use e-cig products. Over a third of current smokers have decreased their use of tobacco products because of electronic cigarettes, representing a substantial shift in the marketplace. 

For many, the results found in France represent one more step towards the ascension of electronic cigarettes and how they are replacing tobacco products. While the overall percentage is still relatively low, it is climbing noticeably, especially over the past few years. 

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