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Vaping Vs. Smoking: Top 7 Reasons to Choose Vaping

Vaping Vs. Smoking: Top 7 Reasons to Choose Vaping 

Several people now realize the health hazards of smoking. The primary body organs (the lungs especially) suffer, which shortens the life span. A better alternative is vaping, which is not without its health hazards. 

However, vaping enthusiasts advocate that vaping is not harmful and comes with several benefits. When you consider the mode of operation of both devices, it is easy to understand why vaping is a better alternative.


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Here are top reasons to choose to vape over Smoking 

1. Less Harmful compared to Smoking

The combustion of tobacco produces thousands of substances, and many of these substances are harmful, in fact, carcinogenic. This significantly reduces smokers' life expectancy and makes them prone to various health issues later in life. These carcinogenic substances are absent in vapes, reducing the associated risks. 

Also, the risk of throat inflammation in e-cigarette users is low, compared to tobacco smokers. This is because they do not inhale tar, which reduces cough. This is why people with tobacco dependence can slowly get rid of the addiction when they switch to vaping.

Bear in mind, that e-cigarette is not entirely without their issues. However, the health issues are not as pronounced as what you have with traditional nicotine delivery methods.  


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2. More Flavor Choices 

There are varieties of flavors with e-cigarettes. This is one of the features that make vapes attractive to many people. It stands out from the traditional tobacco scent that has been refined with other harmful products. 

When using vape juice, you can get a variety of tastes, such as clove, apple, lime, caramel, peach, lemon, grape, orange, Cuban tobacco, and many others. You can even buy herbs from the best Shatter and try vaping herbs, allowing you to get high on the go. 

Another attractive feature is that you can test much juice to know the one that gets you going. There is also the opportunity to combine flavor to find a formula that you will love. 

3. No Distinctive Odor with Vaping

Cigarette smells, and you can easily know a smoker by the distinctive odor they give. A cigarette gives out smoke that clings to anything like clothes, hair; this makes the smell follow you around, which many people find offensive.

The smoke of cigarettes is horrible due to the combustion of tar and other chemicals on tobacco. Vaping stands out in that there is no combustion taking place. Besides, vaping gives out a pleasant odor, which stands out and disappears almost immediately.


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4. Vaping is an Affordable Option

Over the years, the price of cigarettes has risen. The price of a pack of cigarettes ranges between $18 to $30. Many things account for the high cost, including taxes and inflation. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you might spend up to $500 per month. 

This is another reason that makes vaping attractive. Besides the initial investment in vaping accessories, it is way cheaper. You can even get by with a bottle of e-liquid per month, which can be as low as $10.

5. You Can Control Your Nicotine Intake

With vaping, there are various forms of e liquids available for you. This e-liquid comes with varying nicotine strength, giving you the option to control the amount of nicotine you get. There are e liquids that have zero nicotine contents. You can also get as much as 30 mg in others.

Another advantage vaping gives you is the ability to play around with the nicotine content. This is a welcome factor for people that do not know the right nicotine strength they might need.

This is an option that is not available with traditional Smoking. Cigarettes have a fixed percentage of nicotine, which you have no control over. 

6. Vaping is better on the Lungs

Almost all smokers will have issues with their lungs in the long run. This is not surprising as the combustion produces tar. Also, the inhalation of smoke wreaks havoc on the lungs. 

Vaping, on the other hand, involves no heat; hence it is much healthier. Vaping gives out cool vapors that do not come with the issues of traditional smoking.

Not only the lungs suffer from excess smoking, but the airways as well. Smoking triggers excessive production of mucus in the airways, in a bid to cushion the effect of the smoke. This reduces the inability of the lungs to clean out excess mucus. The mucus remains in the throat, jamming each other, making the smoker cough.

Another bad thing about smoking is that it wears your lungs out faster It also reduces the natural efficiency of the body to fight infection. 

7. Instant Satisfaction

Many people need that extra puff of nicotine to satisfy their craving. Sadly, satisfaction takes time when smoking tobacco, which makes smokers reach out for an extra stick. 

Vaping, however, stands out in that satisfaction is instant. Besides, it is discreet, meaning you can steal a puff on the go. You can even vape anywhere as long as you control the output. There is no foul smell or combustion; hence, you will less likely attract unwanted attention. 

There are vaping devices that look like a vape pen; hence you can easily vape when you want. No lighter or matchstick that will give you out. Be sure, however, to observe the no-smoking rule. 


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When you consider the benefits, vaping is indeed a much appealing option. It does have a few health risks, but they are manageable. Hence, vaping is an attractive option with many advantages.

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