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Vapmod Magic Touch Review

Vapmod Magic Touch Review

Vapmod Magic Touch Review

If you search the market for the best quality vapes, you will surely come across the Vapmod Magic Touch vape. Designed to make it suitable for cartridges and with a rechargeable battery of 380mAh, this vape is exceptionally compact. Moreover, the body of the vape is made of zinc alloy, which makes it highly robust and durable.

About The Vape In Detail

If anyone is looking for the best quality vapes in town, then the Vapmod Magic Touch Vape is an ideal choice for him. The vape has a rechargeable battery of 380mAh.
The resistance range lies between the span of 1.0-Ohm to 3.0-Ohms. The rechargeable battery has enough battery life to make the vape last throughout one entire day.

Vapmod Magic Touch Features

The design of the vape is very compact and handy. The dimensions of the vaporizer are 56.8mm by 28mm by 13.5mm. The vape works on the mechanism of draw-activated firing. It has an output based on a constant voltage of 3.5 V. Therefore; the vape has sufficient protection against over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, over-voltage, protection against short circuits, and so on. It has a port meant for Micro-USB. The device is available in various colors, like red, blue, black, and pink. If you ever purchase this vape, you will see that the machine comes with a battery, a magnetic adapter, a drawstring bag, a micro-USB cable, and a user manual.


If you are growing aware of the health hazards that may be caused due to smoking and you are willing to get rid of it, then Vapmod Magic Touch vape is an ideal choice for you. These vapes are considered to be less harmful as compared to cigarettes. E-cigarettes heat the nicotine extracted from tobacco, the chemicals, and other flavorings and create a water vapor meant to be smoked by the smoker. Vapes expose a person to fewer toxic chemicals than conventional cigarettes. Vape is very enticing among young people. They are more popular among youths as compared to traditional cigarettes. Of the many reasons that stand responsible for this, one reason is that e-cigarettes have a low per-use cost compared to conventional cigarettes. Not only this, but vapes are also available in a wide range of flavors like watermelon, blueberries, apple pie, and so on. E-cigarettes also do not have any odor. All these factors play an instrumental role in helping to reduce the stigma of smoking.

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