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If you have decided to finally try out the electronic cigarettes, or if you’re already a fan – there is hardly a better place for you than Virgin Vapor website. They advertise themselves as a “gourmet organic e-liquid and electronic cigarette shop” and offer top quality products.

Their e-liquids are completely organic, without any artificial flavorings, colorings or sweeteners. If you’re wondering why that is important – check their FAQ page! Moreover, their nicotine products are 100% organic – the nicotine is non-synthetic, US-grown and 99% pure, according to AEMSA standards. All of this can guarantee that you’ll get only the top quality e-liquid and cigarettes.

If you have never tried e-cigarettes before, offer starter e-cigarette kits, with everything necessary included to enjoy the experience. The price of the different products vary, starting with $14.99 for the Easy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and going up to $99.95 for the more complex Nautilus Spinner Starter Kit. If you’re an already experienced “e-smoker”, you can purchase additional batteries or cartomizers from Virgin Vapor, as well. There is also a great gift certificate option with price varying between $15 and $150. The certificates are emailed to the recipient, which makes them incredibly easy and simple to use.

If you already have your e-cigarette kit, but you’re in need for e-liquid, you can browse through Virgin Vapor’s enormous collection, featuring two lines – Line and the Absolute Virgin Vapor Line. The flavors of the original Virgin Vapor line are extracted using ethyl alcohol, while the flavors of the Absolute Virgin are 100% alcohol-free, highly concentrated and very expensive to distill. Both are top-quality and include more flavors than you can possibly image, but due to the special multi-stage technology, the flavors from the Absolute Virgin line are a bit more expensive.  If you’d like to know more about the difference, you should check their FAQ.

The FAQ section, which we already mentioned several times, is a great source of information for first-timers, as well as people, who are interested to know more about the e-cigarette technology. There is a section that explains why organic-based flavors are better than artificial flavors (basically, very little is known about the health effects of the inhalation of artificial flavors), as well as the content of the ingredients, the quality control that each product undergoes, as well as shipping option. They offer international shipping, which is great, but you should bear in mind that different countries have different policies and laws, regarding nicotine products and e-cigarettes. There is even a short recommendation on what nicotine products to buy in order to get started!


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