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Vision Spinner 2

Vision Spinner 2

The Vision Spinner 2 vape device is a 510-thread battery with a satisfactory enough capacity of 1600mAh. The ease of use of the Vision Spinner 2 and its little maintenance making it the best vape device option, especially for users with 0 experience. Furthermore, Vision Spinner 2 features a single power button, so all the work is done with its help. So, a detailed list of features and benefits will be mentioned below.

Vision Spinner 2 Style

What is first observable on Vision Spinner 2 is, for sure, its style as well as ergonomy. This 510-threaded battery is available in a vast enough variety of colors so every buyer can match its style with it. Moreover, thanks to its dimensions [125mm in length and 17mm in diameter] and it's mass [54 grams], taking this device anywhere or using it on the go will not be a problem. The front side of the Vision Spinner 2 holds a single power button, and the brand name is printed in silver grey color. Even more interesting about the arrangement of Vision Spinner 2 is its rotation ring located at the lower part of the device. With its help of it, altering the voltage power is possible. Moreover, the Vision Spinner 2 possesses a sturdy metal body.

Cell Information

As mentioned above, the Vision Spinner 2 possesses a capacity of 1600mAh. The charging process of this vaping device does not require professionalism as it is straightforward to accomplish. First, connect the charger [a 510 USB one or an eGo-USB]  to an AC/USB adapter, preferably with an output of 5V/0.5A. The required charging time for the Vision Spinner 2 to fully charge is usually an hour and a half, depending on the device's discharge before setting it. Furthermore, Vision Spinner 2 features the possibility to announce to the user when it is fully charged thanks to the LED indicator that it possesses. Additionally, when fully charged, it will automatically stop charging.

Vision Spinner 2 Benefits

It can be for sure said that Vision Spinner 2 possesses some important enough benefits. One of these benefits is guaranteed portability and easiness of use. Furthermore, its battery capacity is also a benefit. Additionally, many users love the fact that its voltage is adjustable, as well as how fast it recharges. Also, this device's wide variety of colors is beneficial. Also, remember that Vision Spinner 2 has problems like other vape pen batteries.


Power: 1600mAh

Variable Voltage: Yes

Voltage Control: Adjustable Ring

Operation Control: Single-Button

LED Indicator: Yes

Barrey Charge Levels:

White > 70%

Blue 70-40%

Orange< 30%

Battery Life: 500 Charging Cycles

Short-Circuit Protection

Overtime Protection

Overcharge Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

AC/USB: 5.0V/0.5A

Charger Compatibility: eGo-USB & 510-USB

Weight: 54g

Length: 125mm

Diameter 17mm


In conclusion, the Vision Spinner 2 510 threaded battery can be the right choice for everyone, especially for novices. Even so, reading an instruction guide, especially before its first utilization, is always recommended despite these facts. Additionally, we advise everyone to understand the vaping process and be familiar with the risk of addiction before purchasing such a device, as it is essential. Also, remember the Vision Spinner 2 or all other vape pen batteries feature electric parts. So, avoid the following points:

charging on a wet surface;

overheating any vape devices;

throw, drop the device;

—Āleaning with water;


charging with suspect or damaged cords or AC devices;

using the devices with any visible defects that could affect the functional part.

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