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Vision Spinner III 1600MAH Protank II Starter Kit

Vision Spinner III 1600MAH Protank II Starter Kit

Vision Spinner III 1600MAH Protank II Starter Kit

The new Vision Spinner III is designed for those just entering the vaping world or wanting to upgrade their current vape starting kit. The sleek design and noted durability have won over some fans of this device.

However, does Vision Spinner III live up to its reputation? It is essential to know what the electronic cigarette starter kit includes and the features that separate it from the competition to know if it fits your needs.

What it Includes

The Vision Spinner III contains all the elements you would expect in a starter kit, particularly one for those new to vaping.

24k Gold Plated 1600mAh Carbon Spinner Variable Voltage Battery

24k Gold Plated Protank II Atomizer

24k Gold Plated Battery Ring

USB Charging Cable

Wall Adaptor

Owner’s Manual

Gift Box


Apart from the gold plating, which is very decorative and adds durability and longevity to the device, it offers several advantages.

  • 1600mAh battery is very long-lasting and durable

  • It will last up to 20 hours before recharging

  • Variable voltage from 3.3 to 4.8 volts

  • Comes in black, red, green, and gold battery threading


There is little doubt that the Vision Spinner III Vaping Device Starter Kit lives up to and exceeds its well-deserved reputation. It is highly durable and makes the perfect gift for those just starting the vaping experience. 

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