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Wax Pens For Sale

Wax Pens For Sale

Wax Pens For Sale

Nowadays, the market is a whole of wax pens for sale made by different manufacturers, with various functionality and design. This subset of vaporizers became well-known due to the growth in demand for hemp concentrates. Let us see which types of wax pens for sale will be an excellent option for your pocket, style, and experience.

Types of Wax Pens

One type of wax vaporizer is called a wax pen. The name is given only because of the form factor. All of the wax pens feature a compact size and modest functional features. However, the name of this type of device is a single common thing. All the wax pens for sale have different battery types, kinds of heating elements, sizes, colors, temperature options, and distinctive features. Below we want to highlight three main types of wax pens for sale.

Pod Wax Pens

The great benefit of pod wax pens [Airis Air Wax Pen] it's a compact size and lightweight. Furthermore, simple functionality requires no extra experience. However, compact size deprives users of long-lasting batteries. As usual, pod wax pens runs on integrated batteries of around 700mAh. For a couple of full-fledged vape sessions, it's enough, but don't expect the battery will last for a couple of days. The distinctive feature of this type of device is the pods. For some users, it's a benefit since pods refill and removes quickly. On the other side, there is no other option. The device matches only a single pod option, so if the pod is burned, there is no chance to apply any alternative. That's why we suggest having a couple for a rainy day. Furthermore, the pod wax vaporizers match only wax fillers.

510-Thread Wax Pens

The 510-thread wax pens feature a variety of sizes, designs [Rick and Morty vape pen], and battery capacities. The case of this type of device features an elongated round shape. The battery enables a maximum power of up to 2000mAh. The distinctive feature is the 510-thread connection. Since the market is full of different types of cartridges, there is no need to worry about the alternative option when your cartridge is over. Moreover, 510-thread wax pens and cartridges are cheaper than other wax pens for sale but employ only oils and concentrates. 

Coil Wax Pens

The coil wax pens are the most professional type of wax pen vaporizers. The design looks like the design of 510-thread wax pens [Yocan Regen wax pen]. Shapes are similar, and the buttery capacity also features a 2000mAh maximum. The distinctive feature of this type of device is the heating element. The coils could have zinc, ceramic, and quartz structure. Coil wax pen vaporizers are more significant, heavier, and expensive than pod wax pens. We believe this type of device perfectly matches the advantaged users since it enables a variety of heating elements to increase the vape experience.

In Conclusion

Looking for the best option for you and your experience, decide which features are the most important for you. Then, choose a few devices. It will raise your vape experience and help you find the perfect flavor.

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