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What are nic salts?

What are nic salts?

What Are Nic Salts?

We all know the existence of nic salts and their purpose in vaping, but we do not know what they are and how good they are for us. Generally, nic salts are naturally establishing nicotine discovered in tobacco leaves. In addition, nic salts are the most profoundly organized way to distribute nicotine to your body in a simple but, at the same time, chemically complex way. Knowing what nic salts are, you may wonder if they are safe for our bodies. Read the following lines to find out!

Safety Of Nic Salts

If you are distressed and worried about how safe nic salts are, you can read the ingredients and everything on their label when purchasing them. Generally, nic salts are considered no more threatening. On the other hand, even if they are considered safe, there are some concerns about the benzoic acid they include. Furthermore, benzoic acid has the purpose of powering nic salts, and experts are not very sure about what effects it can have on a human’s body. Even so, salt nicotine vape juice can be much safer than cigarette ingredients.


Devices such as Suorin Air mod are designed based on a heating element developed for salt nic heating. This is an artificially chemically created element. A nicotine base and a weak acid such as benzoic acid or levulinic acid form a nicotine salt. Across a sample of 23 nicotine salts available for public purchase, the three most common acids used to form nicotine salts were lactic acid, benzoic acid, and levulinic acid. In addition, benzoic acid is the most used acid to create a nicotine salt. Nicotine pyruvate is another form of nicotine salt. A chemical reaction with pyruvic acid is used to aerosolize nicotine.

Benefits Of Nic Salts

Besides a delicate, mild throat hit, salt nicotine vape juices have essential benefits. In addition, they are technically cheap. Your e-cigarette device, while utilizing nic salts, will distribute nicotine more proficiently. That means you will vape less and consume less juice, which means saving money. Another benefit of nic salts is that they have a way better shelf life. This happens because they are more chemically balanced than conventional e-juices, making them far finer and more enduring. Finally, many vape users say that nic salts distribute a much more pleasant vaping experience.

The Feeling Of Nic Salts

After all these details about nic salts, you may question how you feel after consuming nic salts. When consuming nic salts, you can most possibly feel the “dive” of nicotine in your body much earlier than you would start with simple e-juices. This happens because the blood is much faster, saturated with nicotine. Therefore, it allows you to feel an immediate sense of saturation.


Currently, there are various opinions about how much salt nicotine is dangerous, harmful, or safe for the human body. In one case or another, it is worth noting that nicotine can cause addiction. This is an excellent alternative to smoking cigarettes, but not necessary for those who have never smoked. Nic salts have many benefits; they are generally considered safer for your body and provide a relaxing feeling when consumed. However, it is essential to mention that even if you know some details about nic salts and what they are, it is preferable to read their label before purchasing and using them.

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