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What is salt nic?

What is salt nic?

We know the existence of salt nic in the vaping industry, but we do not know what it is and what the salt nic is made for. The creation process was carried out by a large team of researchers and chemists who studied the properties of nicotine and derived various formulas. But the famous American company Pax Labs played a significant role in the invention process. Pax Labs and several other large companies studied how quickly salt nicotine enters the blood, how comfortable steam operators use it, what consequences of vaping, and what effect should be expected. As a result, salt nicotine was presented at the Global Vape international event two years later.

What is salt nic as a component?

Generally, salt nic is a sort of natural establishing nicotine discovered in tobacco leaves. Salt nic is the most profoundly systematic way to distribute nicotine to your body in a simple but, at the same time, chemically complex way. Salt nic is a synthetic substance obtained through a combination of standard nicotine for e-cigarettes and various acids artificially added to its composition. Chemically good digestibility is justified by the fact that nicotine salts have lower volatility and a lower pH level than freebase nicotine - almost half that, which is approximately equal to the pH level in the lungs and blood. After adding additives, ordinary tobacco is absorbed by the body about 100 times faster - in 7-8 seconds. And all thanks to the reduced acidity to the level corresponding to the pH of the human body.

What is salt nic's main feature?

  • Ordinary nicotine has a default pH of 10.5-11, significantly different from natural human indicators. This means that the pH imbalance in the body cannot be avoided with constant smoking. However, in the case of salt nic, everything is different. A person's necessary, comfortable pH level is achieved artificially.
  • Taste and color. Conventional nicotine can have a variety of flavors and colors. This does not happen with salt nicotine because additional purification neutralizes all foreign odors and tastes.
  • Concentration. The usual strength of liquids on classical nicotine is rarely higher than 18 mg/ml, which is why those who switched from cigarettes to vaping sometimes have to soar for a very long time. There is no such thing as salt nicotine because liquids with it sometimes reach 50 mg/ml in strength.

Salt Nic VS. Freebase Nicotine

There are two main types of e-liquid for vape devices. Each of them has its distinctive features.

Salt nic:

Features in more increased strengths than freebase

They are more soluble and absorbed more efficiently, providing quicker nicotine relief. 

More helpful in stopping smoking

Strong throat hit for those who want to replicate the feeling of smoking

Contains Benzoic or Citric acid

Is smooth at high doses

Can’t handle high flavor complexity

It does not enable large cloud production

Suited to mouth-to-lung vaping style

More expensive

Suitable to pod mod vape devices

Less liquid is needed for a comparable nicotine hit

Slow oxidation for the longer shelf life

Freebase Nicotine:

Less throat hit for a smoother vape

Compatible across a broader range of devices

More flavor choices

Lower or 0mg nicotine strengths 

Contains no additives

It has a slower absorption rate

It is harsh at high doses

Enables large cloud production

Suited to mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping styles

Less expensive

More suited to low and medium nicotine strengths

Higher power devices are needed for maximum vaporizing

More liquid is needed for a comparable nicotine hit

Faster oxidation


Salt nic is most suitable for lovers of short MTL sessions without producing vast steam plumes. Moreover, it is compatible with compact devices such as Uwel Caliburn G. Tight tightening of such devices and high nicotine content in salt liquid may well accompany the rejection of cigarettes.

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