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What is Snus?

What is Snus? Everything You Need to Know

Being a non-smoker, you might think the tobacco industry is maybe the least evolving industry. There are only a few things to satisfy the Nicotine rush. From the same old cigarettes and oh-so-fancy cigars to a little twist with vapes, the industry is almost the same with no considerable revolution. Well, besides vapes. But once you dive deep into tobacco, you realize your mistake. The tobacco industry is no longer the same. It has evolved slowly, and many new Nicotine kicks are in the market, some legal and some illegal, but thriving among the smoker community. One of these products is snus! If you haven't heard about snus before, you might refuse to accept that a funky word like snus is tobacco-related. It sounds so absurd – right? However, despite its absurdness, snus is here, used by many, and on the to-do list of many others. So, to satisfy your curiosity, we have developed a detailed guide about snus and everything surrounding it.

What is Snus

So, starting with the most important question: what is snus? You might be pronouncing it as "sn-us," but it is wrong; pronounce it "snoose." Well, no matter what you call sn-us or snoose, one thing is sure, i.e., it is becoming popular among nicotine consumers. It is a revolutionized form of tobacco – you neither burn nor smoke it. Put this moist powder tobacco under the upper lip and between the gum. The good thing is it comes in various flavors such as wintergreen and mint. So, you don't need to worry about the bitter flavor of tobacco. You won't taste it.

Impact of Snus

Snus might have generated buzz in the 21st century, but traces of its usage date back to the 18th century when it was used in Sweden. But having a rich history doesn't give it the status of safe, moist tobacco. Although taking snus has less harmful impact than smoking cigarettes no matter what. There are hundreds of articles online about the harmful effects of smoking. So, it is needless to mention it. But since snus is a new phenomenon, most people are unaware of its adverse effect. It is better than smoking, yes, but not safe. As snus contains nicotine, it is regardless to say that it can cause nicotine addiction. It can also trigger certain diseases depending on the type of snus constituent. So, you should visit a well-recommended snus online shop so that they can guide you through buying this unfermented tobacco with less harmful constituents.

Legal Status of Snus

On the legal front, snus is not in the good books of most countries' legal departments. It is illegal in all European Union countries except Sweden. However, it is available in countries like Norway, the United States, and Switzerland. Although it is being used as an alternative to vaping, smoking, chewing, dissolvable, dipping, and snuff tobacco products. However, this smokeless tobacco has a long journey to get legal status in most countries.

Types of Snus

Most people don't know that snus is not just snus. In other words, not every snus is the same. There are two basic types: loose snus and portion snus. Loose snus can be altered into any shape as it is a moist powder. So, it is easier to give it a shape of choice that can easily fit between the upper lip and gum. Moreover, getting nicotine through loose snus is easy due to moist powder. On the other hand, portion snus is also moist powder but is packaged. It is easier to use than loose snus because of its small portion and discreet solution.

Storage Life

Unfortunately, snus doesn't have a longer ship life than tobacco since it comes in a moist form. So, you can hardly refrigerate it for a few months, and it will be useable for only a week if left unrefrigerated. However, in the case of the frozen version, its shelf life increases to a year. However, things work differently for dry snus as it lacks moisturizer, so it has a longer shelf life without refrigerating.

Constituents of Snus

As discussed before, not all snus are the same. They differ based on their constituents and method of use. Firstly, this type of tobacco is made from dry tobacco. If it is not dried, it is specially dried before grinding. Then it is mixed with salt, water, moisture-preserving, and an alkalizing agent. Unlike other forms of tobacco, it doesn't undergo fermentation. But ït is purified by steam-pasteurization that also inhibits the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. Moreover,  pasteurization helps filter carcinogenic chemicals present in snus. It also eliminates the need to spit, which is inevitable during chewing or dipping tobacco.

Strength of Snus

Not all snus products give the same experience because they vary depending on the amount of nicotine and pH in the mouth. The beginners can start with 8-9 mg/g of nicotine that doesn't give a strong punch and can consume subtly. Strong snus contains around 11 mg/g of nicotine for those who are already into nicotine and have high tolerance levels. However, if you want to go to the next level with nicotine, then extremely strong snus might fit you, having 22 mg/g of nicotine.

Difference From Other Nicotine Products

Snus is different from other nicotine products, like snuff, vapes, nicotine pouches, etc., in many different ways. Unlike other nicotine products, it contains salt, water, sodium carbonate, and moisture-preserving agents. Moreover, tobacco is treated through pasteurization to make it less carcinogenic by reducing harmful chemicals like nitrosamines. The good thing is it also doesn't upset the stomach. Spitting is very common while chewing tobacco, but you don't need to spit while consuming snus. All these benefits make snus a good option compared to other tobacco products.


The tobacco industry is always in a state of a stir, looking for ways to make products that fulfill nicotine needs without causing much harm. Suns are the result of this plan! It is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and you can also control your nicotine intake by choosing the light snus nicotine. So, if you are considering switching to snus, choose the right product to get the best experience.

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