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What is the eGo?

What is the eGo?

What is the eGo?

The vaping industry is one of the most valuable and comprehensive industries globally, with a global e-cigarette and vape market measure esteem at USD 18.3 billion in 2021. Tobacco companies began buying existing e-cigarette brands and evolving their e-cigarette yields in 2012. The international e-cigarette market was shattered and overpowered by independent companies. Tobacco businesses are well established to take advantage of this fast-growing market. During this period, were designed vape devices in the shapes of regular cigarettes. Nowadays, every single vape fan knows the word eGo, but where does it come from?

History of eGo

The eGo was presented by the Joyetech company in 2010 and smashed the standard technology with the idea of devices with removable 510 thread ccell carts. On the other hand, the Joyetech company was launched in December 2007. Surprisingly, Joyetech started to impact the total e-cigarette market in 2011, establishing the eGo-T and eGo-C serial products. Furthermore, to satisfy people’s higher needs for portability, Joyetech evolved eCab, which accommodates changeable atomizers and changeable batteries. In September 2008, Joyetech designed the idea of a manual battery, and in October of 2009, Joyetech materialized the Joye eGo e-cigarette. 

eGo and 510 threads

The eGo relates to compact e-cigarettes with cartridges with 510 thread and an extensive capacity of integrated batteries. What does eGo have to do with the 510 thread? The 510 thread is a non-technical term formed by Joytech to convey the battery tank connection. Most ego vape battery pens are all established on this  510 thread. The eGo-T by Joyetech was one of the foremost vape pen batteries, and it utilized ten 0.5mm [510] threads on the tanks that were harmonious with these pens. Nowadays, there are a lot of corporations that yield devices with 510 thread, such as vision spinner devices and ego tubes. The first 510 thread vapes were pen-shaped, yet they have evolved in various shapes since then.

Various sorts of 510 threads

Moreover, there are various sorts of 510-thread vape batteries nowadays, such as classic pen-style, keychain-style, and eGo batteries. The first 510 thread batteries are still in production today. In addition, they are double-threaded these daytimes to bear the traditional eGo type and 510 atomizers. Most eGo batteries nowadays have no draw-activated option and demand you push a button to fire them up. Some recent samples feature LED lights, which activate on the pinpoint when in utilization.


In conclusion, we can say that the Joytech company, by founding the eGo, has significantly impacted every electronic cigarette fan’s life nowadays. Thanks to the world’s most popular electronic cigarette model, eGo, every fan can feel a more excellent vaping experience. Furthermore, the importance of the 510 thread is enormous. The 510 thread makes devices more manageable to utilize various cartridges concurrently, as they are compatible with nearly all atomizers and cartridges on the market. So, lastly, we can say that eGo nowadays means all devices with 510 threads.

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