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What are the e liquid – e juices?

What are the e liquid – e juices?

What are the e liquids – e juices?

To talk about what e-liquid or E-juices are more common flavors, first, we need to know what vaping is and what e-cigarettes are. In a few words, we can say that vaping is the ultimate product to start replacing traditional smoking, and basically, it’s the act of inhaling vapor from a vaporizer, with the most common being the famous e cigarettes, the main advantage is that they don’t produce smoke just a vapor.

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Of course, you need a vape to be able to vape, but how it works? Well, it is not complicated at all, in fact, the way it works is very easy, just inhaling or pressing a button an amount of liquid or e juice boils and then is released as vapor, that’s why you don’t get tar, ash or smoke of any kind, so you basically can use your e cigarette everywhere, without having people complaining about the smoke and horrible smell.

So now that we know what e-cigarettes are, we’ll answer the question: What is the e liquid or e juice? It is simple, some e juices have nicotine, yes, it does, but the amount of nicotine is going to depend on how much you smoke, taking into consideration that people that start using e cigarettes are trying to quit but can’t do it at once, so for example if you are a heavy smoker, you’ll start with an e juice of 12 mg of nicotine, but if you are just a light smoker you can start with a 3 or 6 mg of nicotine, however, if you decide to quit smoking for good, you can buy e liquids – e juices with 0% of nicotine, usually, people start using the ones with more nicotine and then you can start decreasing nicotine levels.

Another advantage is that you can find lots of options of e liquids / e juices with different and delicious flavors for your pleasure, and you can also find them in different sizes and prices.

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