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When To Change Coil In Vape ? 7 Signs To Look Out For

When To Change Coil In Vape ? 7 Signs To Look Out For

Every vape enthusiast knows that they need to change vape coils in their devices from time to time. However, establishing when they should do it is an entirely different question.

Many vapers, especially new ones, struggle to find the right time to exchange their vape coils. It can be detrimental not only to their vaping experiences but also to their wallets.

Using your vape coil after it has outlived its usefulness brings more disadvantages than benefits. It can even potentially damage your device and leave you with additional costs of buying a new vape mod sooner than you expected. It is why knowing the telltale signs you should lookout for a new vape coil is crucial.

Here are a few recognizable ways your e-cigarette tells you that you need to invest in a new vape coil:

1) A Burning Taste

If your vape leaves you with a burning taste even after you filled your vape device with a brand-new ZAP Juice, it is a huge warning sign. In such a case, the best thing you can do is stop vaping and start searching for a coil replacement.

Vaping a dead coil will only ruin your hits and kill all the taste of your vape juice. It might even make you feel sick. And, if you do it long enough, you will expose yourself to heavy metals, which can be harmful to your health.

2) Strange Flavour

This point is very similar to the previous one. Very often, a gunked-up coil will result in lower flavour and vapour production. When you use the same juice you vaped in the past, and it just does not hit like it used to or tastes a little dull, your coil might be the source of this issue.

Of course, you might have stumbled upon a weaker batch of the product, but the first option is more likely. If your e-juice still tastes a bit off after you changed your coil, it means you don’t clean your vape as often as you should.

3) Gurgling Noises

If your vape device never made any weird noises when you used it before and it suddenly started to produce a gurgling sound, it might suggest your coil is bound for exchange. But this sound can also be the sign of some other issues, such as tank flooding or improper coil placement.

Nevertheless, in most cases, a simple vape coil change is all you need. If your e-cigarette still “gurgles” after you replace the coil, you should ask some expert for advice on what might be wrong with your vape.

5) Crusted Coil

The way your coil looks can be the most critical sign to determine whether you should still be using it or not. As a rule of thumb, when it is visually dark, crusted, or damaged, you should definitely change it.

If you are a heavy vaper, do not be surprised if you might need to change the coil every couple of days. Inspect how it looks from time to time to notice worrying changes in its looks immediately.

6) Leakage Issues

If your e-cigarette is leaking, it can be the sign of multiple issues, including overflow of the tank, worn-out rings, or a damaged vape coil. Before you start inspecting other parts of your device, look at the vape coil. If your vape coil looks damaged or burnt-out, you found the source of the issue. Replace it with a new one, and the problem should disappear.

However, if your e-cigarette is still leaking, the most probable cause of this is the tank. In such a case, double-check if it is properly installed and the vape juice level is in the normal range.

7) Poor Vapor Production

As we already mentioned, a used-up coil can lead to insufficient vapour production. You might be unaware of that, but as you use your e-cigarette, it will produce less and less vapour. It is an entirely normal process that indicates how much life your vape coil has in it.

If your device fails to satisfy you in the same way as it used to, it might be the right time for a vape coil change. After you do it, your device will start producing more vapour right away.

The Bottom Line

Knowing when you need to change your vape coil is crucial. If you know the signs you need to look out for, you can prevent severe health issues and further problems with your device.

Keep in mind that when you notice a strange flavour, burning taste, or gurgling noise, it is not a sign of a properly functioning e-cigarette. Instead, this would most likely signal that you should change your vape coil as soon as possible.

If you take good care of your vape device, it will serve you for many years to come. Remember to exchange your vape coil for a new one once in a while, and you will be one step closer to reaching this goal.

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