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Why Is My Disposable Vape Pen Blinking?

Why Is My Disposable Vape Pen Blinking?

A blinking LED Light on the disposable vape pen device generally indicates the issue or notifies the battery charging, device activation, battery percentage, etc. To make a difference between each blinking option, it is essential to acknowledge some basic information about your device, which will be explained below. Furthermore, it is vital to mention that these pieces of information may differ from the brand of the disposable vape pen, but here is a general guide.

Discharged Battery

Some types of disposable vape pens are rechargeable and provide a USB cord. In the case of a blinking rechargeable disposable vape pen, it could mean it is discharged. However, diverse types of disposable vape pens will blink differently and in different colors. Moreover, to charge such an electronic device, it is required to connect the provided USB cord to the USB port. On average, the device should be ultimately charged in one-hour maximum.

Long Puffs Alert

Nearly every disposable vape pen will notify you with a light flashing when the puffs you inhale are too long or frequent. This is because the device wants to prevent any overheating. If a disposable vape pen blinks for that reason, leaving it to reset for a moment is recommended. If you keep puffing while the light twinkles, it will likely still flash.

Discordant Attachment

Blinking due to a discordant attachment can happen to any disposable vape pen that allows any additional electronic part to be affixed, for example, a charging port, like HQD Cuvie Air. To fix this issue, it is advised to detach the charging port or any other attachments from the device. Then, examine if an improper fit of the attachment causes the issue. Afterward, try to attach another charger that fits well.

Blinking When Brand New

As vape pens are electronic devices, purchasing them with issues is possible. This could mean there was a leaking in the device's interior during the shipping or something was wrong with the battery. In case of such a problem, preserving the receipt and packaging and returning it to the store where you bought it is recommended. In case of an online acquisition, we advise you to film the trouble and send it via email.


Some of the following advice can be useful to avoid further issues with disposable vapes. Don't do extremely long puffs in a considerable quantity; do the puffs slowly. Moreover, we advise you to always charge the device with the provided USB cord [in case it is rechargeable], or at least an original one, to prevent any battery issues. Furthermore, be aware of where you purchase such an electronic device, as some shops are not professional and can sell nonoriginal or defective devices.


The issues like blinking LED lights are expected with an electronic devices such as disposable vape pens. Thankfully, they can be prevented and resolved. Moreover, in the case of a blinking disposable vape pen, it is recommended to read an instruction guide. Don't try to solve any issue with zero knowledge about them.

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