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Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking ?

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking ?

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking ?

The vape pen is a compact device with user-friendly functionality. It differs from other devices not only in size but also in modest, predefined settings. Even though the vape handle is considered the simplest of all other vape devices, it is also equipped with various kinds of protection and displaying workflowsFurthermore, almost all vape devices of the new generation are equipped with LED indicators. So why is the vape pen blinking? Why does the indicator change the color and frequency of blinking?

Most Prominent Reasons 

There is no universal guide or international rule for LED blinking reasons that you can look at to find out what is happening. The color of the light, blinking frequency, and meaning sometimes differ depending on the manufacturer, type of device, and model. We suggest checking out the user manual of the used device. But if there is no way to figure it out, below you'll find the most common reasons to answer the question, why is my vape pen blinking?

3 Times Blinking 

After the device has been turned on or off, the LED indicator blinks three times. If the LED blinks three times after the device has been turned on, it means the cheapest has turned on the short circuit protection. 

4 Times Blinking

Such a blinking combination displays the connection problems of the cartridge, heating element, or battery.

5 Times Blinking 

The battery charge is too low for turning on the device. For some devices, such a combination also displays as a stuck firing button.

9 Times Blinking 

This applies to devices with a replaceable battery. When the battery is installed without observing the polarity rules or the contact between the battery and the device is unstable, the LED indicator blinks nine times.

10 Times Blinking 

One reason could be that the LED light blinks ten times if there is a problem with the cartridge or coil connection. Also, some of the vape pens feature integrated batteries. The batteries feature a resource of the life span, counted by the number of charges and discharges. So if the battery is discharged or fails for any reason, the LED indicator blinks ten times. 

15 Times Blinking

When the battery voltage exceeds 3.3V, the chipset turns the low battery protection. 


In conclusion, even if a vape device like a vape pen, for example, GV Max, may be known for how uncomplicated in use and unproblematic it is, it is normal if a minor issue ensues as time passes by. Thankfully, most problems like the ones mentioned above can be fixed effortlessly. First, we suggest reading the instruction and solving any issue without delay and not neglecting them. A problem not solved in time can lead to a total device breakdown. The vape pen is a fragile device that does not tolerate extreme temperature changes, shocks, moisture, or sunlight. However, with correct and accurate use, the device will last you for many years without any gaps.

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