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5 Reasons Why Menthol Vape Juices Are The Tastiest E-Liquids

5 Reasons Why Menthol Vape Juices Are The Tastiest E-Liquids

Menthol is a widely known flavor that can be found in foods, sweets, and cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes marked an important milestone in the tobacco world. It was the first time that cigarettes had a taste that significantly changed their flavor. 

The result was brilliant – people loved menthol cigs. Even when the whole smoking trend slowly diminished, a lot of people continued smoking menthol cigarettes. There are also options without nicotine that have menthol, and people still love them. 

With these things in mind, it’s no surprise that there are the best vape juices. They are one of the most popular flavor types at the moment. Here’s why their taste is so good. 

There is no Tobacco Taste! 

One of the primary reasons why so many smokers liked cigarettes with menthol is because they had no tobacco taste. Yes, some people enjoy smoking but don’t like the taste of tobacco, who knew. Since e-liquids also don’t have a tobacco taste, menthol fits in perfectly. 

Menthol e-liquids almost have the same taste as their cigarette counterparts. For a lot of smokers that switched to vaping from smoking, the choice was simple. They loved menthol cigarettes, and now they can get the same taste from vaping. 

At the same time, they don’t have to compromise on all the harmful effects of cigarettes. Simply put, there is no smoke or combustion. 

Menthol is Natural 

Menthol comes from a plant called mint. This substance is extracted from the plant, and it’s basically a crystal. This crystal can be easily dissolved in propylene glycol and other liquids. So, it is easy to add menthol into a vape juice. 

You have to combine it and dissolve it properly. A lot of vape companies create menthol artificially, but you should look for juices that include natural menthol. It has a better, fuller taste, and it is entirely natural. 

This makes it stand out from other vape juices. Other flavors are always made out of artificial sweeteners, and they resemble each other in terms of taste. 

The Cooling Taste 

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Menthol offers a natural cooling sensation when inhaled, ingested, or applied to the skin. It works by blocking calcium flow within the nerves that are in charge of recognizing temperature. 

This is why people feel colder when using menthol. The nerve endings send signals telling the brain that it’s feeling cold. A lot of people like this effect, and it creates a unique taste. It also gives you the option to taste other flavors uniquely when combined. 

Everyone wants to be cool, and menthol e-juices let you do just that. At the same time, it can reduce the pain sensation and make your mouth a bit numb. Lots of people find this to be an exciting experience. Some e-liquids go for the ice-cold effect, and their customers love it. 

It Comes in Many E-Juice Blends 

We mentioned earlier that peppermint is so amazing because it goes well with various other flavors. On the other hand, different flavors can’t be combined that easily. They can have opposing tastes that don’t go well together. 

With menthol, this is not the case since it has a “neutral” layer of taste that augments the other tastes in the blend. This is why there are hundreds of different strawberries, blueberries, tobacco, banana, orange, and other flavor blends combined with menthol.

People who vape often get stuck on mint flavors because there are so many available. They always have new flavors to try out without them being over the top. 

Menthol Makes You Taste Better 

Our tongue has many taste buds that are there to help us taste things. Most vape juices can weaken these buds by forming a film over the tongue. This can happen if you are a chain-vaper. However, with mint flavors, this is not an issue. 

Menthol enlarges blood vessels through vasodilation When you vape menthol, your whole mouth is affected, and blood vessels expand. This makes it easier for you to taste the vape flavor. Your taste buds will work better and absorb e-juice more efficiently. 

Bottom Line 

If you haven’t yet, make sure to try out menthol juices. There are many reasons why they are so popular. First of all, they’re excellent. Secondly, menthol offers a unique taste and an extraordinary sensation. It stands out from all other vape e-juices out there. 

If you want to feel something unique, this is the right way to go. At the same time, menthol has many other beneficial effects that could be present in vaping. Make sure to try it at least once.

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