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From the appearance of this device, it is immediately apparent that it differs from ordinary wax vaporizers. The X ENAIL device takes part in the category of electric dab rig devices. The general scope of the X ENAIL dab rig is to produce smooth steam through the integrated water bubbler. Below we will describe all the features the X ENAIL dab rig possesses.

X ENAIL Dab Rig Design

Generally, it can be said that the appearance of this dab rig seems very interesting at first sight. This is because the X ENAIL dab rig kit attachment, in which the nail and the glass bubbler are located, is crafted out of pure ceramic. A big black enough power button exists in the front face of the X ENAIL dab rig, which is very easy to discover. Furthermore, it does not possess other controls [the power button is the only one], making it so easy to operate. The X ENAIL dab rig is available in many colors [Gold, Gunmetal, Rainbow, White, and Black].

X ENAIL Battery Details

An integrated rechargeable battery with a power of 1500mAh powers the X ENAIL. The voltage of that battery is 3.7 volts. A user does not have to worry about waiting all day to recharge this dab rig wax vaporizer, as it fully charges in a maximum period of three hours. The charging process does not require an instruction guide to be accomplished correctly, as it is pretty effortless. To recharge the battery, you need to attach the provided cord to the Micro-USB port of the device. 


The X ENAIL dab vaporizer kit features all the needed components. Besides the bottom battery part, the kit features: a glass attachment, ceramic cup, quartz cup, titanium cup, and loading tool. Moreover, besides the kit glass attachment, the X ENAIL dab vaporizer features glass attachments 18mm /14mm in diameter. It is hard to say which cup is better, so try each to identify which one is more convenient for you. 

Preheat Mode

For a smooth and effortless vaping process, this device feature preheat mode. Three consecutive clicks on the button will initiate the preheat mode. If everything is okay, the LED indicator will flash red and, in five seconds, will start flashing green. From this moment, you have 15 seconds to vape. Also, to turn off the preheat mode, repeat the button combination.


Even for such an uncomplicated device, some suggestions and advice are needed. We advise you not to charge the X ENAIL dab rig on a wet surface, Furthermore, do not overcharge it, as this can ruin the battery's performance. Additionally, it is recommended not to place the dab rig under direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Furthermore, try keeping it out of the reach of children and pets.


In conclusion, it can be easily said that the X ENAIL dab rig is an excellent device option for anyone, despite their background on such devices. Furthermore, even like this, it is very recommended to read a user instruction guide to operate it first.

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