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XMax V-One Vaporizer - Review

XMax V-One Vaporizer - Review

The V-ONE wax pen by XMax is a sleek and portable all-in-one mod for vaping waxes and concentrates. It features an elegant modernized design with a glass top cap so you can see your vapor rising. The new ceramic bowl is a zero combustion baking style heating element with no exposed coil and no plastics which allows you to taste clean and pure vapor. The stainless steel, the glass construction, and the airflow system also keep the flavor pure and the vapor cool. The clouds that the V-One produces are surprisingly large too. The atomizer heating plate only takes about 3 seconds to heat up to 428F. Despite the size, the battery has 1500mAh with an output of 20W and a 20-second cut-off safety feature. It is charged via USB port also allowing you to vape while re-charging. The XMax V-ONE wax pen with a truly innovative design, strong battery, great flavor, and huge hits does its job with a nearly perfect precision.

Price: 10
Comfortability: 10
Ergonomics: 9
Operation: 10

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