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XMax Vital Dry Herb Vaporizer - Review

XMax Vital Dry Herb Vaporizer - Review

The XMax Vital for dry herb is a new portable vaporizer that heats up quickly, has a ceramic chamber, OLED display, and a reliable 2500mAh built-in battery. The battery is enough for almost 1.5 hours solid vaping at full charge. The Vital is built with huge ceramic oven and an efficient air convection chamber for the pure taste. The XMax Vital features an intuitive temperature control system, the arrangements can be made on the OLED screen, the range of the temperature is  212˚F to 464˚F. XMax Vital Vaporizer features a memory function to memorize the temperature setting you selected, so when you start to vape again, you don’t need to repeat the temperature-setting process. The Vital kit includes the replacement metal mesh screens, extra O-rings, a cleaning brush, a pair of tweezers and a micro USB cable. There are three additional attachments designed to use with the XMAX Vital: 14mm water bong adapter, glass mouthpiece, and a spill-proof bubbler. With water bubbler attachment Vital makes excellent pure taste. For the quality and price, the XMax Vital has proved to be one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market.

Price: 10
Comfortability: 10
Ergonomics: 10
Operation: 8

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