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XVape Vista - Review

XVape Vista - Review

XVape Vista - Review

The XVape Vista combines the technology of an eRig with the functionality of an eNail, a battery-powered heating device used to hit dabs through a bong, making it the most versatile concentrate vape to date. The Vista, like the XVape Fog 2in1 Herbal Vaporizer, can do this thanks to an ingenious system for routing the vapor it creates. The quartz heating cup/coil is always on top of the base, but there are different glass pieces that you can place over the top of it. The completely universal water pipe adapter screws directly into the base of the battery and has an isolated air path that’s super easy to clean. 


It has a versatile 14mm/18mm male adapter which is the chill-um size for most water pipes. Unscrewing and flipping this adapter reveals a dual 14mm/18mm female joint adapter that would slide over the top of a male chillum, a glass joint that is quite common in the production of dab rigs. Another excellent feature of the XVape Vista Electronic cigarette is its extraordinarily low temperatures. On the first two settings - 575F and 662F, you can pull through some amazingly very low-temperature dabs, while the higher temps - 752F and 842F create mad clouds. The crazy vape battery capacity of 2900mAh will get you going for quite a long time. The kit is packed in a sturdy metal suitcase filled with soft foam and perfectly fits the Vista and its accessories. 

In Conclusion

If you’re using it as a traveler, you can rest assured that your vape is gonna be safe. If you’re a concentrate vaper who’s on the lookout for an eRig but still want to use your glass piece, the X Vape Vista is the vaporizer you’ve been waiting for.

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