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Bob Marley Vape Pen

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Bob Marley Twist Vape Pen Battery 1100 mAh

The Bob Marley Twist is a battery with 510 thread and eGo connections and suits multiple vape attachments such as oil vape cartridges, wax vape tanks, and eGo atomizers.

Adjustable Vape Pen

With an 1100 mAh, the Bob Marley Twist is an adjustable vape pen battery with a variable voltage output of 3. O volt to 4.8 volts. The adjustable vape pen controls the voltage by rotating the wheel on the bottom. When using vape cartridges, try with the liver settings before going to the high because this adjustable vape pen may damage the carts on the higher voltage.

Bob Marley Twist - Peace Design

Because of the velvet soft finish, the Bob Marley Twist battery features a soft-touch feeling, and with the reggae shades, rasta colors, and Bob Marley symbol, it stands out from other vape pen batteries

Bob Marley Vape Pen Recharging

The Bob Marley vape pen already includes a compatible USB charger; it connects with an AC/USB adapter with an output of 5.OV/O.5A. The Bob Marley battery disconnects from charging automatically with overcharge protection, but don’t leave it charging unattended. 

Bob Marley Vape Pen Safety

Besides overcharge protection, the Bo Maley Vape pen is protected with over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, and 15-second overtime protection. The battery activates five consecutive clicks to protect from accidental firings and child resistance. To deactivate the Bob Marley vape pen, click five consecutive times again. 

Ooze Pen 1100 vs. Bob Pen 1100

The Bob Marley vape pen 1100 mAh is almost identical to the Ooze pen 1100 mAh, but unlike the Ooze pen 1100, the Bob pen comes with an original appearance. In case it's a gift for someone, the Bob Marley vape pen includes an eGo-USB charger and is ready to be used immediately from unpacking from a nice and original package. 

Bob Marley Vape Pen Benefits

Bob Pen 1100 mAh battery!

Compatible with all 510 vape cartridges!

Connects with eGo wax vape tanks!

Easy to use with rotating the wheel! 

Bob Marley Twist Vape Pen Features

Product Type: Adjustable Vape Pen

Model: Bob Marley Twist

Pen Connections: eGo / 51O Thread

Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh

Adjustable Voltage: 3.0 V - 4.8 V

Voltage Control: Wheel Rotation

Resistance Range: 0.5 Ω - 3.0 Ω

Single Button 0peration: 5-Clicks 0n/0ff

0ver-Discharge Protection

0ver-Current Protection

0vertime Protection: 15s Max Session

0vercharge Protection: Auto-Shuts-Off Charging

Charging Type: AC/USB at 5.O V / 5OO mA

Charging: eG0-USB

Length: 119.Omm

Diameter 14.Omm

Weight: 39.2g

Bob Marley Twist Includes:

1* Bob Marley Twist Battery 1100 mAh

1* eGO-USB Charger

Bob Marley and Ooze 1100 Pen Instructions

Before using the battery, connect the charger and charge the battery in full. In the future, always fully charge the battery, prolonging the battery life. Once charging completes, the LED light on the charger changes the color from red to green. Press five times rapidly on the button to activate the battery; the LED light around the button flashes three times, letting you know that it’s ready to use. To turn the battery off, press rapidly five times again. Some vape cartridges require preheating before use; the Bob Marley Twist and Ooze pen 1100 complies. Please press the button rapidly twice to activate the twenty seconds preheating process; it will shut off automatically or turn off manually by pressing the button once. To adjust the voltage, rotate the wheel on the button and stop the red dot between 3.2V and 4.8V. Once the voltage is adjusted, connect the vaping attachment and press and hold the button. it will stay on for fifteen seconds before it shuts off. For a longer vaping session, click and hold the button again.

Bob Marley and Ooze Pen 1100 Recommendations 

The battery must be charged from an AC/USB adapter with a maximum output of 5V/0.5A. Never charge the battery from the laptops, PCs, or any other device because it may damage a vaping device

The battery must be stored in a dry place. Never leave the battery close to the water or connect with the vape tank that leaks; it may damage the vape pen. 

Always charge the battery in full before disconnecting, prolonging the battery life span.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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