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GCart FC110 - Ceramic Vape Cartridge

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Since vaping is becoming more and more popular and widely accepted with each passing day we can see a lot of technological advancements in this realm. One of these technological breakthroughs is the development of ceramic vape cartridges. This type of vape cartridge features a full ceramic base construction with a medical-grade glass tank housing. They can be used to inhale essential oils, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate oils. Without any doubt, ceramic vape cartridges solve some of the problems that came with cotton-based cartridges such as the split-back effect or oxidation of metal experienced by using conventional vape cartridges.

The GCart FC110 is a refillable ceramic vape cartridge that is best for use with concentrates and essential oil. The strong full ceramic construction is BPA free, and resists breakage and drops. Every element has been carefully selected to present a safe, consistently smooth vaping experience. The GCart FC110 ceramic vape cartridge has a capacity of 1ML and features the following advantages:

Pure Flavor

Since ceramic is a porous material, it readily absorbs more oil or juice that is vaporized in each and draws. Since ceramic used in GCart FC110 is pure without any additives and contaminants, the user will only taste the high-quality flavor of the vapor from the essential oil. Using GCart FC110 will not produce any burnt taste, because ceramic vape cartridges reduce the chances of a dry hit, making sure the purest original taste of extracts.


It is a known fact that ceramic can resist higher levels of temperature therefore coils made of ceramic are extremely durable and not prone to damage under high temperature providing optimum resilience to the cartridge. The ceramic coil of GCart FC110 has a resistance of 1.25-1.45ohm.


The GCart FC110 ceramic vape cartridge can be used with almost any vape pen battery. It is optimized for medium or high viscosity oil.

Physical Description

This cartridge has a slim body and white color along with a white drip trip and medical-grade glass tube housing. With a diameter of 10.5 mm and a height of 67.8 mm. It weighs around 10 grams.

Battery Compatibility

The cartridge comes with a 510 thread battery with the recommended voltage output of 3.5 volts- 4.0 volts. In the vaping industry, 510 thread batteries are considered a universal design for connections. The reason behind its name is due to its length of 5mm and the 10 screw heads (part of battery). All the attachments that are compatible with the 510 thread can be switched with each other. Therefore, everything, from dripping, tanks, and cartomizers can be switched.

No Leaking

The GCart FC110 ceramic vape cartridge offers no leaking of oil due to its top silicone seal and cotton-wrapped coil. The bottom airflow of the cartridge is also secured and leakproof.


The GCart FC110 ceramic vape cartridges are the best for medicinal use, especially for those who want to leave smoking joints. This cartridge is portable and easily fits into your pocket. If you use a GCart FC110 ceramic vape cartridge it can dispense your medicinal vape oils with absolute desertion.

Please Note: This cartridge is designed to work with essential oil or concentrates. This model perfectly matches to fill with thick or high viscosity oil.

Benefits Using FC110 Ceramic Cartridges:

Fully Ceramic Construction 

Designed to Avoid the Oil to Contact with the Metal

Optimized for High Viscosity Essential Oil

FC110 Ceramic Cartridges Features:

Product Name: FC110 [ Full Ceramic Cartridges ]

Connections: 510 Thread

Material: Full Ceramic Construction

Housing Material: Glass

Mouthpiece: Push-In Style [ Machine Not Required ]

Mouthpiece Type: Flat


Coil Resistance: 1.4 Ohm

Oil Intake: 2 Large Round Shape Intake Openings [  Optimized for Thick Oil  ]

Airflow: Bottom [ No Leak Design ]

Dimension: Φ10.5mm × 61.9mm

Color: White

What you get:

GCart FC110 Cartridge

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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