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Efest 18650 3500mAh 20A Battery

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Efest 18650 Battery 3500mAh

The Efest 18650 battery 3500mAh possesses one of the largest capacities of same-size Efest batteries. Moreover, it features a maximum discharge of 20 Amperes and a continuous discharge of 10 Amperes. The Efest 18650 battery 3500 features a nominal voltage of 3.7 Volts and a charge voltage of 4.2 Volts. The Efest 18650 battery 3500mAh 20A employs Li-Ion chemistry, a more than 500 cycles lifespan, and a flat top positive side. 

Efest 18650 3500mAh Battery Appearance

The Efest 18650 3500 battery possesses Li-ion Battery chemistry and a cylindrical shape and weighs 46 grams. Moreover, the Efest 18650 3500mAh battery features the following dimensions: 65mm in length and 18mm in diameter. Additionally, the Efest 18650 3500 battery is made in purple and features some information printed on it in white.

Efest IMR 18650 Battery 20A Lithium Structure

The Efest battery 20A is an unprotected battery. Moreover, the Efest 18650 battery 20A is recommended to be used only in protected battery packs. As the Efest 18650 battery 20A possesses Li-Ion chemistry, the user needs to understand the potential dangers of such chemistry properly. Such a type of battery is better to charge with an Efest LUC Mini battery charger.

Battery Efest 18650 3500mAh Features:

Model: Efest battery

Continuous discharge: 10A

Max discharge: 20A

Capacity: 3500mAh

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Charge voltage: 4.2V

Self-Discharge: <2.0V

Positive side: Flat top

Chemistry: Li-Ion

Lifespan: 500+cycles

Protection: UNPROTECTED*

Charging time: 4.2V/ 2.0A

Length: 66mm

Diameter: 19mm

Weight: 46g

Battery Efest 18650 Includes:

1x Efest 18650 Vape Battery

UNPROTECTED Battery Efest 18650 3500mAh WARNING!

The Efest 18650 3500mAh battery is undefended and intentional for utilization in sheltered battery packs only, NOT separately or as a standalone product. With a focus on functioning guardedly, the Efest 18650 battery 3500mAh must have supplementary safety in the form of a PCB [protection circuit board] or BMS [battery management system]. This is not constituted on the Efest 18650 battery 3500mAh.

By purchasing the Efest IMR battery, you approve the following necessities:

** Don’t pierce the battery with a nail, nor create a hole in the storm.

** Don’t leave the battery charging sequestered.

** Don’t toss it away in the trash. Instead, contact your regional jurisdiction for suitable recycling or removal.

** Don’t utilize force to install or uninstall in reversal.

** Don’t reveal liquids or raised temperatures.

** Don’t adjust, disassemble, puncture, cut, destroy, or incinerate.

** Don’t overextend the continuous discharge rating.

** Don’t charge beyond the utmost voltage rating.

** Don’t utilize it if the battery is harmed in any way.

** Don’t keep near metal/conductive things to avert short-circuiting.

** Don’t short-circuit purposely or unintentionally.

** Don’t utilize without appropriate safety circuitry.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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