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Efest 21700 Battery 5000mAh 10A

Brand: Efest
Product Code: Efest 21700 Battery
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Efest 21700 Battery 5000mAh 10A

The Efest 21700 battery 5000mAh 10A is a high-precision lithium-mn IMR format rechargeable cell. The Efest 21700 battery 5000mAh 10A rechargeable cell holds a great maximum capacity of 5000mAh. Moreover, the Efest IMR 21700 battery 5000mAh 10A rechargeable cell is perfect for vape devices and mods. Furthermore, the Efest IMR 21700 rechargeable battery employs a flat top plus contact. Therefore, the Efest IMR 21700 rechargeable battery has a 10A maximum discharge current.

Efest 21700 Battery Appearance

The Efest 21700 battery, designed in a purple shade, weighs 69 grams and measures 22mm by 71mm. The Efest 21700 battery, produced on the most up-to-date machinery, features cutting-edge technologies and product quality control. The Efest 21700 battery employs durability and perfectly meets all the needs. Besides, each battery housed in a brand-named cardboard box has a code sticker to verify its authenticity on the official website.

Efest 21700 QR Code

The Efest 21700 battery features a QR code under a protective layer. Moreover, the Efest 21700 battery also features a QR code printed in the same place on all Efest batteries. The QR code ensures the originality of the Efest 21700 battery.

Efest 5000mAh 10A Battery

The Efest 5000mAh 10A battery has a 10A self-discharging rate and long process energy. Also, the Efest 5000mAh 10A battery is crafted with an entire lifecycle and is better to recharge with the portable Efest iMate R2 charger. Moreover, the Efest 5000mAh 10A battery needs to be used with protective devices because they are not protected. The Efest battery is certified by CE, RoHS, FCC, and MSDS.


PET Material

Wear Resisting

Scratch Prevention

Long Term Working

Well-Deserved Reputation


Brand: Efest

Model: IMR 217OO V1

Max Discharge: 1OA

Capacity: 5OOOmAh

Max Charging Current: 4A

Standard Current: 2A

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Charge Voltage: 4.2V


Positive Side: Flat Top

Chemistry: Li-Ion Battery

Lifecycle: ~ 500

Protection: No

Memory Effect: No

European certification: RoHS, CE

Charging Time: 3 Hours

Setting Temperature Range: 0C-45C

Discharging Temperature: -20C-75C

Length: 71

Diameter: 22

Weight: 69g


1x Efest 217OO Battery

Operating Tips

Refrain from storing the battery in your pocket, wallet with coins, and near various metal objects for a long time. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur;

Do not disassemble, pierce, or break the battery shell, cut, strike, burn, throw into water and fire or in conditions where the temperature is above 100 degrees Celsius;

Do not remove the tightly fitting plastic plate at the positive and negative poles;

Do not use the battery if the packaging is broken;

Use smart charge-controlled chargers to charge.

After prolonged storage, dialing the rated battery capacity may take several charge/discharge cycles;

If the batteries are no longer usable, recycle them correctly rather than throw them away;

Keep the batteries away from children, pets, and sunlight.


The Efest reliable and high-quality batterŠ½ is excellent for the most potent vapes, mods, and other high-energy vaping devices. Do not overcharge the Li-Ion battery or leave it unattended when chargingā€”the Efest battery retail as one in a box.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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