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Efest iMate R4 Battery Charger

Brand: Efest
Product Code: Efest iMate R4 Battery Charger
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Efest iMate R4 Charger

The Efest iMate R4 charger is a modern four-charger from Efest company, with independent slots that charge batteries such as Li-ion, IMR, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, AA, and AAA. The Efest iMate R4 charger, with compact dimensions, quickly charges Li-ion batteries with a current up to 3A. Moreover, the Efest iMate R4 charger equipped with a USB Type-C connector features a LED backlight and an intelligent microprocessor, protecting against short circuits, recharging, overpassing, and overheating. Also, the Efest iMate R4 charger employs the ability to recover fully discharged Li-ion and IMR batteries.

Efest iMate R4 Battery Charger Design

The Efest iMate R4 battery charger case has a rectangular shape crafted of high-quality refractory ABS material. The Efest iMate R4 battery charger case employs a compact size of 145mm by 93mm by 32mmn available in black and yellow options that weigh 163 grams. Moreover, the Efest iMate R4 battery charger case features a LED display on the front side, four slots for batteries, and a USB connector on the bottom.

iMate R4 Functionality

The iMate R4 charger employs a USB Type-C port which allows fast and safe charging. The intelligent microprocessor determines the battery type and selects the best option for setting CC or CV. Furthermore, the informational panel indicates an assigned battery charge level and current potential charging defects. An essential feature of iMate R4 is a separate controller for each slot, which allows you to increase the efficiency of recharging batteries. More than that, it automatically stops charging when the power supply exceeds 4.2A.

Efest Charger Slots

The iMini R4 Efest charger, unlike the Efest iMate R2 battery charger, employs four slots for charging batteries. The string springs crafted from piano wire deliver a small sliding action when installing and removing batteries. The charging speed varies depending on how many batteries draw current through the iMate R4 Efest charger.


It has a USB Type-C connector;

Automatic shutdown voltage: 4.2V [Li-ion]; 1.5В [Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd];

The function of recovery, activation of batteries;

Bright backlit LED display;

Automatic protection against recharging;

Each slot is independent;

Capability to operate with various sorts and sizes of energy supplies;

Ability to recover completely discharged Li-ion and IMR batteries;

Certificates: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, and FCC.


Brand: Efest

Model: iMate R4

Product Type: Battery Charger

Battery Type: NiMH/NiCd, Li-ion

LCD Screen

Charging current:

Li-ion 4.2 V [1x3A; 2x2A; 4x1А; 4х0.5А]

Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd 1.5 V [4x1A; 4х0.5А]

Maximum Wattage: 18W

Charging Slots: 4

Input Voltage: 220V

Output Voltage: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2A

Material: High-quality ABS

Height: 145mm

Width: 93mm

Depth: 32mm

Weight: 163 grams

Color: Black and Yellow

Compatibility: 1865, 1O44O, 145OO, 1634O, 1835O, 1849O, 185OO, 2O7OO, 21700, 26500, 26650, 17340, AA, AAA


1x iMate R4 Charger

1x USB Type-C Cord

User Guide

Efest Charger Safety Tips

Hold the Efest charger away from children and pets;

Do not leave the charger under the  sunlight;

Keep it away from water;

Use the charger only on a dry surface;

When the device is in charging, do not leave it unattended;

Do not drop the charger or use it if it has any damage.

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